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  1. J

    towing performance

    Thanks for all the feedback. It sounds like I'm getting about the best I'm gonna get with the vehicle I've got. In the future, I think we'll look at a diesel vehicle, but right now we just can't justify it. So far, we've only towed it very lightly loaded. It's still winterized so tanks are...
  2. J

    towing performance

    Hey folks- I've had the Explorer for almost 3 years now and just purchased a travel trailer (see signature). The Explorer does fine towing, but I'm getting 10-13mpg at best. I've been researching ways to improve gas mileage. So far, my ideas are: Icon AeroShield to improve...
  3. J

    Did you pass on the Sport, but still want the performance?

    Mpg? Can anyone tell me what these tunes do to MPG? 2013 XLT V6 AWD