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    5th gen LED bulbs?

    I've tried google and search but not having much luck. Is there a list of LED replacements for the dome/map/visor/puddle/license plate/etc lights? If someone could provide a link or a point in the right direction I would appreciate it. I'm certain this has come up before but my phone is failing...
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    14 EB Sport is a TURD!!

    I'm certain I can find much better ways to troll this forum. Fact is, I spend much more time on Jeep forums than this one and tend to forget about it. I was merely asking if there was a way to liven it up without voiding my warranty. Didn't mean to piss off the soccer dads out there. Close the...
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    14 EB Sport is a TURD!!

    365 HP my @$$! Where's the power hiding? Will a police tune wake this thing up? I don't need more power, I just want the power I paid for. How can I get this thing actually acting like a twin turbo awd vehicle with 365 hp without voiding my warranty? Am I the only one that feels like this thing...
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    Removal of the front and rear ford emblem

    Now how'd you get so smart! ;) Yes, it was him. Nice guy, but I had a feeling he'd get it wrong. I even sent pics! Oh well. I'm guessing this is the wrong emblem... My new rear one has studs that snap it into the bezel (not needed, I know) My issue is, do I cut them off and 3M that puppy on or...
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    Removal of the front and rear ford emblem

    Maybe missed it, did we confirm the rear emblem is just 3M tape? No posts? No clips? The one I received from an ebay seller has clips, then again he also sent me a bezel for it to pop into for backup cam, though I said I didn't need it. Trying to make sure I have the right part before I go...
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    Burning smell on test drive 2014

    Brakes burning in maybe??
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    Which drop in air filter is best for the Explorer

    Anyone just using a drop-in K&N with real world experience with it?
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    hear ye! hear ye! - Songza (forget Pandora)

    What differentiates this from Pandora? What makes it better?
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    Cold Air Intake (CAI) Discussion

    Any new intakes out there? Surely someone else has developed something. I'm new to forced induction. Better flow = more flow = more particles getting past filter. Is there any worry of larger particles damaging turbos like in diesel applications. I've ran K&N drop ins on every gas engine I've...
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    New owner from TEXAS

    Just bought my '14 Sport last week and loving it. Looking forward to staying up to date on my new vehicle and learning much more about it. I found this page thru Google when searching for questions about my Explorer and after a while of unregistered trolling, I decided to sign up. I use...