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    front wheel roaring noise at higher speeds

    I have an 05 Sport Track, 2WD. I am noticing a roaring noise from the front wheel passenger side when going at higher speeds. gets louder that faster I go. Wheel bearings?????? The truck just turned 40K. thanks Will
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    Battery light stays on

    Well, I removed the alternator and took it by Oreilly's to test. As thought, it's bad. So i'll be replacing it Saturday morning. Thanks to everyone for the advice. will
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    Battery light stays on

    you are probably right. The jack-legs at autozone brought their big 'machine' out and checked it before I bought the battery and said that the alternator was fine. I have a very old meter that I have loaned out several times and it was showing about 14.5 volts, but would show that with the...
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    Battery light stays on

    Bump...anybody have any ideas? thanks
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    Battery light stays on

    I have an 05 Sporttrac and the battery light came on the other day though the charging gauge shows good charging. Well, today, it stranded my wife at work. I went by and was able to jump it off and get it home. On further inspection it seemed the battery was very weak. I had it...
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    broken remote

    I have a 2005 Sport Trac and have only one key and remote (well, it's my wife's vehicle, so technically my wife has.....;)) Looks like the little unlock button on the remote has broken. She can use the keyless entry pad, but I would like to get another remote and program it if possible. the...
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    How to remove cd player

    I'm new to the forum. I have an 05 Sport trac. It is giving a CD error (6 disc cd changer). How do I remove it from the dash? thanks for the help. Will