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    Creaking from front console

    I'll try that out. Thanks!!
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    Creaking from front console

    Hi everyone! I have a creaking sound coming from the gear console in my 2017 platinum. It's been to two dealers a total of 6 times now. One dealer can't find the noise and the other just stuffed it with insulation and called it a day. I'm certain the noise comes from a plastic piece that...
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    Buying a 2016 sport, need some help with the price

    For what it's worth, before ordering a Limited at the dealership, they offered a 17 Sport for $1,200 under invoice here in So. Cal. That's the deal that got me into the dealership. I didn't go with it just because of a lack of bells and whistles that come with a loaded Limited. It seems like...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone. I just joined after using this forum to do a bunch of research and ultimately conclude I should get my first Explorer (first Ford). I just ordered my first X 2017 Limited and now the anticipation begins.