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    94 Explorer Sport power locks won't unlock

    They will lock but not unlock. I have a remote starter with the lock and unlock feature. Doors lock with the remote but not unlock. Neither the drivers side or passenger side manual switch will unlock the doors, but they will both lock the doors. I pulled back the accordian type cover on the...
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    Not starting

    Sounds like the inertia switched got tripped. Pull back the carpeting front passenger side. You will see a switch located on the firewall close to the tranny hump. Press that and try starting. Also make sure the wires going into the switch are seated properly. They have a tendancy to work...
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    94 Explorer Sport front seat back recliner gear

    I'm assuming this is what the problem is. Yesterday, the seat back gave out and won't lock into position. If I put any pressure on it, I fall straight back into the rear seats! :eek: So for now, I have the driver side rear seat folded down to hold my seat back in place. Works great, but I...
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    Need a little help

    I had a surging/idle problem with my 94 Sport a few years ago. Some of your symptoms sound similar so I thought I'd reply. I did all the stuff like plugs, wires, and checked all vacuum connections. Still had the problem. Turned out to be the PCM. I also had an occasional shuddering when...
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    Cooked subwoofer in 94 Eddie Bauer - replace with?

    For future reference..........
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    92 Exoplorer Surges

    There's a method of pulling the codes by using a paper clip and counting the flashes of the CEL. Use the search function to find the process. A few years ago I had a surging problem. Had the vacuum checked and all was good. Turned out to be a bad PCM. PCM controls the idle speed...
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    My truck vibrates

    Another tire problem is seperated belts. I had a nasty shake at the same speed range. Seperated belts was the culprit. Try swapping the front for rear tires to see if it goes away.
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    What X Do I own?

    I have a '94 Sport. Power everything except manual cloth seats. Black bumpers, manual factory sunroof and the JBL Premium Sound CD with subwoofer.
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    Turn Signal - 94 Sport

    Lost my right turn signal yesterday so I bought a new bulb today and replaced it. Still doesn't work. It lights up when I turn on the right turn signal, but no blinkie. Left turn signal works fine. Any ideas?
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    rough idle, tried almost everything

    Have you checked the IAC? Tried cleaning it? Also check for vacuum leaks.
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    Brake light problem??

    Chances are your pads are low too. The light coming on tells you that the brake fluid reservoir is low due to the pads being thin. It takes more fluid to fill the brake lines since the pads have to travel further because they are due for a change. Get them checked pronto.
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    Coolant Leak

    I had a leak at the timing chain cover on my 94. The place I took it to drained the system and used vacuum to suck some weld bond into the small area it was leaking. They've done this before and had good success with it. It worked great for me and is still holding up a year later. A whole...
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    "Normal" rear wiper to "Intermittent" rear wiper?

    Can this be done on a 94 Explorer Sport? I have the "normal" single switch, either it's on or off. Did any of the Gen I Ex's come with an intermittent rear wiper? Perhaps the Eddie Bauer? If so, anyone swap out the normal switch for an intermittent one? Or is this not do-able?
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    Weird glitch - 94 Explorer Sport

    Ended up being a broken wire to the brake light switch which is located at the brake pedal(go figure! ;) ) Apparently this is a common problem on Fords. Thanks for the input everyone! :thumbsup:
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    Weird glitch - 94 Explorer Sport

    A little cool this morning so I started the truck with the remote starter. Got in and went to Tim Hortons coffee shop. Turned off the ignition..........truck STILL running! Remote starter has a function where if you press the start button while the truck is running, you can take the key out...
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    4WD problem, Lound Thump and 4WD disengages

    See if this helps.
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    4WD problem, Lound Thump and 4WD disengages

    Check the amount of grease in your hubs. Over-greased hubs can cause all sorts of problems.
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    Going to look at a 94 Explorer today, your opinions please!

    Nice ride! Congrats! Did you get them down to $1000?
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    Where are you from?

    Born and raised in Leamington, Ontario. Now in Winterpeg, Manitoba.
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    Going to look at a 94 Explorer today, your opinions please!

    Gen I's look like a truck, the rest look like vans. :p: Love my '94, it's NEVER let me down whether it's 100 degrees or 40 below. :thumbsup:
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    Rough idle when cold only

    Possible intake gasket, IAC or even the PCM.
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    Rear Wiper

    Check out this thread. You many have the same problem as I did.
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    2 voltage wires to rear wiper motor-one is dead

    Turned out to be the liftgate wiper disable switch. Thanks again, you were a big help! :D
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    2 voltage wires to rear wiper motor-one is dead

    Thanks, great stuff! I'll be checking out that disable switch next. Thanks again! :thumbsup: