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  1. jcerrion

    Hood Lettering

    Jesus. This thread got off topic fast.... I thought high school was for all the drama and name calling. "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
  2. jcerrion

    Plasti dipped grille

    you apply via spray can and it will peel off later? wont it come off in harsh weather?
  3. jcerrion

    MFT - Article - Ford extends warranty on our Touch Screens

    Heres an article i just came across regarding MFT and Ford's plan to extend our warranties.
  4. jcerrion

    Hood Lettering

    much cheaper version at
  5. jcerrion

    Hood Lettering

    pretty cool. I like what you did with the door handles. Front end looks good too.
  6. jcerrion

    Hood Lettering

    Gentlemen, as promised... The OEM letters are finally available on online. You are looking for part number #42528L Here is a direct link to purchase from ford directly. Price is $114.82 (steep for some dinky letters if you ask me) but yes it is a custom graphic and thats why no one can...
  7. jcerrion

    trade for my white LTD grill?

    oh, not in san diego though... Memphis.
  8. jcerrion

    trade for my white LTD grill?

    im interested. I have an XLT. Mine vehicle tuxedo black though, so i may not like the white grille on black vehicle... ill let it marinate in the meanwhile though. PM though if still interested. I am.
  9. jcerrion

    Auxilary KC Lights connect to brights?

    Hey guys, I want to add two kc hi beams to my cargo box on top of my ex, but if i put them up, theyd might as well work. Is it possible to connect them into my high beams? I may do that, or just run an aux switch like most setups. Anyone have ideas if its even possible and can tell me how?
  10. jcerrion

    Rolled To Over 50,000 (s)Miles Today!!

    good lord... im only at 15k and i thought that was alot of miles.
  11. jcerrion

    Red Brake Pads?

    check page 2 of the modified section. Title of thread is "caliper covers"
  12. jcerrion

    Red Brake Pads?

    this is the thread you should be looking though and discussing in. I believe 1 or 2 members have put caliper covers on. Pics included in this thread.
  13. jcerrion

    BF All-terrain 285/55/R20 on the 2011 EXP Limited?

    yeah, see this thread. About half way down. they look so much better. When i get some money ill be looking into getting some firestone destination AT's in that size.
  14. jcerrion

    Stickers n your Ex

    heat. like from a hair dryer. not a heat gun as that can mess up your clear coat.
  15. jcerrion

    MFT Resetting itself often.

    haha. thats terrible that these systems are getting that complicated, moody, and grouchy. Maybe we are approaching the very beginning of an AI evolution and apocalypse. :eek:
  16. jcerrion

    Nu shield for 12 ford explorer

    how much and where did you buy?
  17. jcerrion

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    MFT master reset worked. Thank you.
  18. jcerrion

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    thanks rebecca, i will try that soon and report back.
  19. jcerrion

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    Anyone else had "issues with pairing your device via bluetooth? I have had ZERO trouble in the past pairing all these devices. Phones, Ipods. One day i get in my truck and try to use my ipod via bluetooth like i always do (easier to navigate to the songs you want) and it doesnt pair. Not an...
  20. jcerrion

    Hood Lettering

    correct, you could try calling ford parts and see if it is available. So far it is not on their website yet.
  21. jcerrion

    Removing lower rear plastic bumper cover?

    could you post a pic of the damage.? I may be able to assist, but i have a 2011
  22. jcerrion

    Cargo area cover (Dog use)

    ohhh. gotcha. okay, well i had that same issue and my quick fix was promoting the pup up a row. it is very annoying to have to vac all that hair out of the carpeting. The seat covers i suggested completely wrap all sides of the seats, so that could be an option, if the pocket book is full...
  23. jcerrion

    Cargo area cover (Dog use)

    wait you were looking for something to cover the seat backs when you lay them flat? or actual seat covers to allow your dog to sit in the second row? My boxador monster rides in the second row =)
  24. jcerrion

    Cargo area cover (Dog use)

    Welcome to the forum, wet okole seems to make great seat covers. They are a type of neoprene (similar to scuba dive suits) and according to reviews a very very popular item as they fit very well, look great, and have great durability. The are custom sized to your setup so its an extensive order...