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    NWX March Madness March 31st Tahuya State Forest

    How was the trip? Our Spring Break plans fell through and will be hitting up camp spillman this Monday through...thurs or fri?
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    NWX March Madness March 31st Tahuya State Forest

    I'm a truck with camper & a 32' flatbed haulin' the toys, but the trailer locked up a wheel coming down the pass the other week. Now I need to replace 3 axles, tires and wheels and wont have it done by this weekend. next one though.
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    NWX March Madness March 31st Tahuya State Forest

    little ryan is busy, now that he's grown up, married and has his hands full building his own home. Might make it and bring ryan jr (rogan) though...he's 4. I wonder if oprah will make an appearance?
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    NWX March Madness March 31st Tahuya State Forest

    Can I come even if I don't have an explorer?
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    tired of seeing all the toyotas together!!!

    I used to wheel and shoot out in Cherry Valley all the time...and I remember very clearly the night that we found out it had been closed (nothing like waking up to a cop with his gun pulled). Maybe it has been re-opened (would be the first of everything that has been closed), but be carefull...
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    Retiring the Ex-250

    Its been a long, hard decision to make. However, not as long or hard as the Ex-250 was used:D My plan was to rip the old body off, swap a fuel injection system, and implant a new body. I managed to rip the old body off, and that's as far as I have made it. With my father's cancer not...
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    F*$k the Superbolwl we're going wheelin'

    i will be in las vegas....
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    Looking for some help!

    I've been lurking...not much going on with the northwest forum... I haven't touched the sponsorship :(
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    Looking for some help!

    All you have to do is email Monster and they will be glad to send you some stickers. That way you can say you are sponsered.
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    The Beginning of the End run (2012 hangover cure)

    got plenty of the steel fact, dad's looking to sell the house and shop very soon, so it's all gotta go anyways.
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    The Beginning of the End run (2012 hangover cure)

    Sounds like fun. Alas, I cannot go. No, not because of work or family or because I stubbed my toe. This weekend I have begun the process of giving the Ex-250 a new body...yes, the old one, after 9years has been worn out. And while the body is off...why not throttle body injection?
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    Naches Ranger District Closure Till June 15th

    Any updates on an opening date?
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    Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

    2008?!! Has it been that long? I only got to take it out twice last year...once to the Oregon dunes and once to Manastash. I have a Lance camper for the truck, so the girls won't complain about having to pee in the woods.
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    Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

    Heres a picture that better shows the fender bars. They just tie into the front down piece. I made the tail lights from scratch. I got tired of buying tail light assemblies from the junk yard. Had some sheet metal laying around, some extra trailer lights that never got used and a case of...
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    Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

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    Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

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    Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

    It's been a few years. Thought I would post some pics to show what the old girl looks like these days. And yes...she has been rode hard and put away wet.
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