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  1. J

    Advise on HID headlight conversion 2010explorer eddie bauer

    I am looking to possibly convert my headlights to hid lights. What are some suggestions from those thathave done this already? Also suggestion on a good vender to purchase the kit from as opposed tonfindingbit on ebay. Thanks
  2. J

    Keyless Entry Code

    This is what I did to find the code for my 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer. You won't find the numbers anywhere else in the car, believe I looked. It took my maybe 10-15 minutes entering codes before the looks opened when I hit the right combination. I would enter at least 5 to 8 different...
  3. J

    How to remove overhead map light console 2010 Explorer

    My Eddie Bauer is a little different. My 05 had the garage opener and glasses compartments but the 2010 EB has the moon roof controls as well as the rear air/heat controls on the overhead compartment. I will look for the screws and clips you mention. Thanks
  4. J

    How to remove overhead map light console 2010 Explorer

    Does anyone have the instructions on the proper way to remove the overhead map light console on the 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer? I need to get to the wiring up there and do not wish to break any of the connectors while trying to remove it. Thanks
  5. J

    2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer Keyless entry code

    To may amazement this actually worked. I was about 5 lines from the very bottom when it worked. I was beginning to think it was April Fools day.... Thanks
  6. J

    2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer Keyless entry code

    I have looked at so many posts on locating the code and so far not a one has been right for me. The fuse box is under the dash on the left side of the drivers compartment but I cannot find any numbers on it. I don't see the Super Junction box all the posts talk about wither. I even looked...
  7. J

    Homelink and courtesy mirror lights off on drivers side visor - SOLVED

    just picked up a 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer and the drivers visor mirror does not light up and the homelink appears dead. I assume its a fuse or broken wire. I don't have the operators manual (yet) so I am not sure which fuse I should be looking at. Well I have determined that the fuse is...
  8. J

    different tire widths & advancetrac

    Pretty sure those sizes are correct. I will have to go out to the shed and look. I believe my current tires are 235/70-16 but the truck is not home at the moment. I did just check tirerack and they state thar is the oem size.
  9. J

    different tire widths & advancetrac

    I ran across a deal on some stock 2005 explorer rims with tires that have more than 70% tread left. Only thing is they are slightly different widths. 2 are 235/70-16 and the other 2 are 245/70-16. I known tire size differences can cause issues with advancetrac but how about tire width...
  10. J

    1998 explorer cd/radio

    Mine did the exact thing after I took it to the dealer for work under the dash. They claim its just a coincedence that my radio broke after they worked next to it. Also the cigaretter power connector burned up but that wasn't their fault either. If you find out how to stop this please let...
  11. J

    Door Lock Problem

    I will be trying some of the solutions posted here this weekend. 1998 4 door Explorer My problem is the FOB and unlock buttons all work. But neither the FOB or the drivers or passenger door buttons will lock the doors. The strange thing is that the rear hatch button works for both functions...