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    Desirability inquiry for 4.0 intake hose.

    I have had a big issue finding correct intake hoses for my 2005 sport trac. Someone ripped off the boot that holds the fresh air intake for the engine right off the air intake hose when the went to check the filter. Ford doesn't make it anymore and almost all of them I have found on ebay or...
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    Ruff Idle on cold start. Almost Misfire. No codes

    Had the truck in the shop. Replaced fan clutch, fan, water pump, harmonic balancer and the air cleaner hose. It runs a whole lot better over all now. Issues with high and low idle seem to be fixed along with shaking. It still feels like a slight misfire on cold start that gets alot better after...
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    Ruff Idle on cold start. Almost Misfire. No codes

    2005 Sport Trac 4.0L has a ruff idle on a cold start up. It's almost sounding like a misfire. Engine also seems to idle too low after cold start. 400-500rpm and feels like its about to die. I can press on the gas a bit and it will get stuck at around 1000rpm for a min or 2, then it will idle...