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    P340 Problem

    The code is for a circuit malfunction. Check the connector and the wiring for the cam sensor.
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    Vibration when turning right and left.

    The passenger side upper control arm that was installed on your Explorer from the factory was a two piece design. The original ball joints are not serviceable, the entire control arms must be replaced. Tell you what, go to the nearest Ford dealership and purchase a set of upper ball joints...
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    Vacuum Line location

    What year and engine does your Explorer have in it?
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    stalling and hard steering

    It's a '95, there isn't a vacuum line going to the transmission.
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    Help With Pricing Please! Stock cd changer

    The value of anything is decided when the purchaser and seller agree on a price. If I were buying, I'd give $10 at most. If I were selling, I wouldn't take less than $100.
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    brake pads tomorow help!

    You'll probably end up replacing the parking brake shoes as well, you should prepare yourself.
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    Did I get hosed?

    You have nothing in writing? Just the "word of a salesman"? What is in the documentation that you received when you purchased the truck? It surely sounds like you got screwed, I'm just not sure where the fault lies.
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    Did I get hosed?

    What did you have in writing when you purchased the new truck? How do you know a class 3 towing package included a trans cooler?
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    98 Explorer engine knock?

    To eliminate the any of the rotating accessories, idler pulley or tensioner pulley, remove the serpentine belt and start the car. See if the noise goes away. You won't hurt anything if the car runs for a few minutes without the belt.
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    dome light doesnt come on when door opened

    That's my understanding.
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    Old, Fat and Broke

    Bank 2 is the drivers side.
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    intake moan

    I think you should clean your Idle Air Control Valve. I think you should test your fuel pressure.
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    Brake problems...Help!!!!

    Is this a problem? :confused:
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    Talk me out of it...99 Limited for cheap

    Not quite, the '95 and '96 models used the 4R55E.
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    Talk me out of it...99 Limited for cheap

    Mileage? Price? Location?
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    Help with idling problem

    It's a '95. It's OBDI, neither Autozone or PepBoys are going to pull his codes for him. It could be anything, rather than speculate, he should pull the codes. He should read this.
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    Help with idling problem

    You need to get the codes read. Anything else is just shooting in the dark.
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    clunking, binding, bucking......

    Wheel speed sensors have absolutely nothing to do with your problem. You need to be looking at the driveshaft speed sensors that are in your transfer case. There's two sensors, one for each driveshaft.
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    ODB I list - 1995 with Codes 172 176 332....

    KOEO = Key On, Engine Off KOER = Key On, Engine Running CM = Continuous Memory Read the first thread I linked to.
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    A minor but fun purchase! (pics)

    They certainly do.
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    ODB I list - 1995 with Codes 172 176 332....

    Check out these two threads:
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    ODB I list - 1995 with Codes 172 176 332....

    Are these KOEO, KOER, or CM?
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    clunking, binding, bucking......

    I don't think the wheel speed sensors have anything to do with AWD or 4WD. I think their only purpose is for ABS. I think your problem is in your transfer case.
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    Upper control arm - broken bolt

    Complicated to do what, perform an alignment? Not it isn't complicated, if you have the equipment.
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    Chicken or the egg? lean cause of trim or O2?

    It has nothing to do with the freeware. Your truck doesn't have sensors to monitor fuel pressure or manifold pressure.