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    Fuel Supply Issues

    It is raining here and nasty so i will not be under the hood for a few days. I have read the thread listed above and can see that it must be the pcm that controlls the ground side of the relay coil to turn on and off the fuel pump relay and hence the pump. So if i ground the test connector...
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    Fuel Supply Issues

    My 1994 Explorer will not start. I checked the inertia switch it is closed and good. Checked fuel pump relay coil is good, relay changes state with 12 dc applied to the coil, and the normally open path closes with 12vdc applied to the coil. So like a fool I replaced the fuel pump. Truck still...
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    Newbe on Explorer Site

    Hi, got a 94 XLT with 149,489 on the odo, got the rust in the rear cab corners, just keeps running. Cant seem to make myself part with it, still a good vehicle. Just one of 4 Ford products in the stable here in Indy. Did post a question on the 91-94 site about my breaks and an odd issue...
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    bizarre break issue

    1994 Ford Explorer: I just replaced all components in rear breaks from the "T" on top of the differential out to each wheel since the original lines had rusted through! I have installed a new line to each side, new wheel cylinders, new shoes, new drums, new springs, clips and holders. Now...