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    Thinking about buying this clutch anyone have any opinion

    Spoke to one of the Engineers at work today. Do not use that clutch. You want an organic disk,with a sprung hub. If you feel like you need a heavier clutch,get the heavy duty pressure plate. But that one will be difficult to modulate, and judder like a fool until it gets warm. Greg
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    Straight pipe suggestions

    Summit racing Greg
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    Where are you buying your exhaust parts?

    Summit racing,but they are local to me. They ship of course. Greg
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    Thinking about buying this clutch anyone have any opinion

    By all means get the Luk clutch. The springs in the 6 puck are going to soften it a bit,but not much. Judder from the the get go I would suspect. But one thing I would recommend is to tap in your clutch before you install it. It's easy,take the dusk and lay it on the pressure plate,and tap it...
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    Help needed with an exhaust question.

    That's what I did...though it snow balled a bit. Twice. Greg
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    Help needed with an exhaust question.

    If they are too rusted to remove,how are you going to tighten them? If they are rusted like that,you would have to cut the nuts off,run a die up on it,and replace them with new nuts and washers. That's what I tried,and I damaged the threads so bad that I had to remove the studs. That snow balled...
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    Help needed with an exhaust question.

    As I remember they are pressed in. And I think it is 2 in the y pipe,and one in the cat. To make it seal again you may have to air chisel them off and replace them with bolts. Unless you want to replace all of it,with new stuff. I just had some flange laser cut at my old job and replaced...
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    SPL build in progress

    Oh man,that sucks! Sorry to hear it. I have had similar problems with my install,mourned transistors tho. I built my box too big,it's sealed,so my subs have too much excursion. And I put 6.5" coaxial in the doors and and they have vibrated the adapter plates loose. I glued them down with liquid...
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    SPL build in progress

    Dubbed for the payoff. Got to post a video and final spl . Greg
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    First Aid kits in your rig.

    My kit has the normal band aids and ibuprofen,but what I do have that I would say everyone should consider...small stainless steel needle nose pliers. Have you ever had a splinter that just was too deep? Large thorn,piece of steel or glass? I have,and now I make sure I can get it out,I have...
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    Off Road Only Exhaust

    I had a 2.5" glass pack on mine,it ran well.But I still had the cat on it. I have found though that my truck runs pretty good with a single 3" cat feeding into some 3" turbo muffler that dumps right in front of the right rear tire. I still have my old exhaust if you bring me a case of...
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    Greetings from New Mexico, USA

    Welcome! Do you have pics of the truck? Former resident of Rio Rancho NM here! Greg
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    Get ready for laser headlights.

    That is freaking sweet! The inherent problems with LEDs is durability. Being a fragile diode they burn out so fast if the voltage fluctuates,they are jostled too hard or the get too hot(number one cause). Laser diodes from what I understand have few of those problems, they are more durable...
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    Prerunner/weekend toy Explorer

    I concur this is a crap and your fancy fab skills and cool truck! You need to pm me so I can come take that pile to the junk yard for you. Just kidding, that's awesome. Greg
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    Why did you buy your truck?

    Cause I needed a vehicle and it was only $78 Greg
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    O2 Sensor Fix

    Wow... So you are saying that the DOWNSTREAM o2 sensor adjusts the fuel injectors to maintain the proper fuel ratio based on the amount of free oxygen in the fuel stream, after the cat? Here all this time i thought the 2 upstream ones did that,before the cat. Guess i need to study more then ...
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    O2 Sensor Fix

    Would it not be easier to simply remove the bulb then. This would alter the running conditions of the motor. The ecu will think is getting the the right signal from the final o2 sensor, if it isn't running right that can't be good. If its just rid yourself of a CEL, why bother? Am I missing...
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    O2 Sensor Fix

    If only an o2, replace it if its a cat it should work. But, to be honest, this is illegal as hell. It is afeferal crime to disable a pollution control device with the intent to defraud the government in an attempt to obtain a tag. I'm not trying to start a fight, so take it as it was given. We...
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    HELP!!! New Stereo system for 1999 Explorer Limited

    Is the system you have now a factory system? You said it was Sony. I maybe ignorant to the options so bear with me. But, a good quality installation kit will not leave a gap in your install. I just test fit the Sosche kit I bought for my 1996 Explorer, fit like a glove.No gaps, nothing. It...
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    216,458. The same miles it had on it when I bought it 4 years ago. My guess is 280,x... Runs like stink! Greg
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    Road race my 96 xlt

    98 is after all of that foolishness with the tires. So ford added heavier sways? I already have poly sway bar mounts and end links up front. And nylon end links in back. I guess i have ton of work... All of my car club friends here in the atlanta area assure me that i should be legal to auto...
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    Road race my 96 xlt

    It would stand to reason that the sways on a v-8 are heavier. Is there any bearing to this or should I look into buying sways? Now remember I plan on giving this truck to my boy next year, so not wanting to spend too much on it. Greg
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    Road race my 96 xlt

    It already is.going to change to 3" blocks and do a key flip. Greg
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    Road race my 96 xlt

    If this is in the wrong section, would a mod please move it. Ok, so I'm in a sports car club that has track days 5-6 times a year. In lieu of the 1996 Mazda miata im assembling, i want to track my 1996 4.0 four door. I know it makes no good sense. I know it may roll. I know it weighs 2 tons. But...
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    Switch Upgrade. . .

    I love the squatch switch, where did you get it? Greg