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    Front bottom door speakers

    Hate to ask a dumb question, but did you check the EQ and make sure it's balanced for all instead of driver? I thought my Pioneers were kinda weak until I made this change.
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    APIM help for 2015 ford fusion

    You sure about that? I found instructions for the standard and SYNC.
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    Sync V3.0 to V3.4 Upgrade

    I ignored the warnings on this forum... I love my car, but after renting a brand new Fusion and Edge with 3.4 from the factory for a couple of months, I thought that the 3.0 was too bland; I'm surprised that something that looks like it was thrown together last minute made it into production...
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    Recently bought a 17 XLT 4WD

    Hey guys: Since I've always been a Japanese or even European guy, and coming from a family that never liked Fords, I surprised even myself when I picked up an Explorer... But then again, the Fusion Titanium and Edge that I rented helped influence me to give Ford a chance, which was where I...