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  1. Ball Joints Installation

    Ball Joints Installation

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    Aaron's Mountaineer: Massachusetts

    Truck is for sale.... $2,500/bo. Everything works except the climate control has a vacuum leak which I am planning to fix. Some body rust. Currently at 175,x.. miles. Located in Wall, NJ. Sad that the journey is coming to an end, but with a business and a 2 year old, she just sits behind...
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    Need Help Installing/Calibrating Superlift TruSpeed

    I never got mine working either. My plan was to try the other side of the VSS, incase the wiring diagrams were wrong about which size was in vs. out next time I have a bit of time to mess with it. Sorry you are having the same issue, but glad I'm not the only one!
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    My Mounty Build

    Can you please post pics of the mods you did to the bumper, specifically frame attachment points?
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    Engine swap "Cummin" soon

    PM me if you need a hand with anything... This swap is way cool.
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    Built a utility trailer

    These days it's usually just cheaper to buy it rather than build it. But good luck finding one that has the features or quality of the one you built, or gives you the satisfaction of doing the project. The liftgate assist is killer. Hat's off to you!
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    Interco Tire Price Jump

    When did Interco's TrXus M/T get so expensive?? When I purchased my set of 33x12.5R15's back in 2008, they were about $160/ea. Now they are about $245!! What's up with that? I guess the secret is out - these are great tires but damn! Just had to vent.
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    Yet another T-Cases to mount to the V8 Thread

    I used the Explorer's 3-position switch and electronics (4auto, 4hi, 4low) and also did the "brown wire mod" with a secondary on/off switch to get a total of: 2hi, 4hi, 4auto, 4low.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    That doesn't work as well when you have 10 trucks in a line.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Looks good! I was "that guy" last run, perhaps in the same hole! Took two trucks to get me out! :rolleyes:
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Hey guys - I'm officially out. I was holding off until the last minute, but I need to keep the truck out of the woods as it is now my work truck until snowpocalypse is over... the boat yards just don't get plowed!
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Are you using FRS or GMRS? Nevermind... I'm buying a set that rolls both bands.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Word. 4-6 trucks is an ideal group.We could always skip the wheeling and just hit up a diner. Comms will be important, I'll have my CB. Josh: What kind of radios did you have? I'll pick up a set so we can get more people on, because those worked great!
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    Bent frame

    Time for some Superlift drop brackets.
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    My Explorer vs. Honda Accord

    I have Progressive, and they've been great.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Snow day! Should be fun out there. :p:
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    yostyexplorer94's camper frame trailer build

    Nice! Do the axles have electric brakes?
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    X2. I want to see you make it. Brian's truck really impressed me with his locker in the rear and only 31s.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Awesome! Can't wait to see how she performs. I'm really cursing having the L/S in my axle, it means changing the carrier to upgrade to a locker, a royal PITA.
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Oh yea? What did you do?
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    Wharton NJ, Easy Trail Ride 1/29/11

    Yikes... this thing is gonna be huge! But since the cool kids are all going, I'll go too. And I'm so done with mud. So unless a stock truck can drive through the puddle, I'll take the bypass. Love the idea of doing a cleanup. :thumbsup:
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    Need Battery Recommendations for my 99 XLT

    I must be the odd man out, I've had horrible luck with Optimas. Two red tops and a blue top marine that all died way too soon. I'm running the Duralast gold from Autozone, it's fine.
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    Easy Trail Ride for Stock trucks or those that don't want to break stuff

    For your 4406 swap? I still have my original F150 shaft which should work for you. Call me.