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  1. K

    Aux plug connection in stock radio?

    If I can get a picture of mine, I bought a factory MACH radio off a guy on ebay who outfitted it with an aux plug, between the 5th and 6th preset buttons... seems to work pretty good, and Ive had it for a few years now...
  2. K

    beating a dead horse(lift options)

    The website is still up and running for BTF... I would try calling during the day. That was how I got ahold of him when I got my lift and control arms.
  3. K

    Lift spacer search

    +2 BTF Does great work, and if you lift the front, I highly recommend the upgraded front upper control arms. When I was looking to lift mine, I found some ppl did get the 4th gen spacers, and modified them to work. So yes, they will work, but with some modifications. BTF...
  4. K

    What kind of motor oil do you use?

    I've been using mobil 1 5w30 in both the ploder and mustang with motorcraft/mobil 1 filters (when I can get the mobils on sale anyways)
  5. K

    Red light flashing under the turn single

    Looks like an aftermarket led installed for either a remote start or security system
  6. K

    Reliability of V8 drivetrain

    My mistake on the 5speed auto note. On my 2002, my transmission went and needed a complete overhaul... It was the one way clutch and the first planetary that grenaded in mine, so complete overhaul :( ... I wish it had been just the bands. I have also replaced a few of these transmissions for...
  7. K

    Reliability of V8 drivetrain

    The transmissions in the 02-05 explorers where fords first attempt at a 5 speed. Very occasional towing will be ok, but like others have said, it isn't the strongest. I agree with the above comment about getting an expo of the same year, youll pay pretty close to the same money, but a much...
  8. K

    Bought an Explorer at an Auction! EEK!

    There was a tsb that came out years ago to change the gear oil in the rear diffs from 75w90, to 75w140. This was to prolong the life of the pinion bearings. Not an overall big deal, it had more to do with towing and other high stress/loads than just putting around town.
  9. K

    Like the stock low beams but not the high beams

    The biggest reason NOT to install HIDs in place of regular halogen bulbs is that they are for off road use only. Every box I have ever picked up says right on it, for off road use only. They are not DOT approved. Your Headlights no longer are DOT approved when anything but the specified bulb...
  10. K

    Update On Applique Class Action

    I replaced mine two years ago... Paid for it and got it painted out of my pocket... Cracked again after 1 year. So needless to say, it will not get replaced again.
  11. K

    Like the stock low beams but not the high beams

    Actually, HIDs in a regular composite housing (ie no modification) are illegal. Headlights are made to be DOT approved, and have to follow this law. As soon as you change the bulb to a different type other than what was "factory", that housing is no longer DOT approved/compliant. Also, right on...
  12. K

    Does dealer use a head light aiming tool?

    Just to add my two cents: Headlights alignments are just like wheel alignments. They "should" be done every two years as maintenance. Things like removing to change bulbs, rocks hitting, birds hitting or people falling against them will leave them out of whack. Does everyone do a wheel...
  13. K

    **help!** with lift kit

    Look up/search btf lift in the forums. Lots of info. Also google btf fabrication and it will take you right to his website. This lift is a spacer for on top of the strut. Very well constructed, altho I highly recommend getting the stronger upper control arms, as the factory ones are weak and...
  14. K

    Damn.. rear control arms are expensive...need rear upper ball joints

    As a mechanic up in the great white north (Canada), I have personally replaced the ball joints in the rear upper control arms... Moog makes them, in the problem solver line. Moog also makes the lower control arm bushings in the rear as well (if anyone is curious). I have both in my 2002...
  15. K

    Lift Kit and Brush Guard

    The biggest BTF spacer lift will give you approx. 3" of lift, which is the highest suspension lift you can do with these trucks without major modifications, due to the rear axles going through the frame. I personally went with a 2" space in the front and 1.75" in the rear, and that gave me a...
  16. K

    Ok to use 5w30 in my 4.6l V8

    As a side note, back in 2002, ford changed the oil spec to 5w20. In a lot of cases, that weight was not available due to being so new on the market. So the dealerships were using 5w30 in the vehicles. 5w20 is strictly for gas mileage. My explorer is a 2002 with a 4.6L up here in the great white...
  17. K

    4.6L oil ?

    Currently I am using Mobil 1 5w30 syn in my 2002 with 234,000km. No oil burning issues. From everything I have read, 5w20 is to improve gas milage. I run 5w30, just so I don't have to keep 2 different weights of oils on hand (using 5w30 in my other vehicles).
  18. K

    Can these mods be done?

    AH HAHAHAAA!!! That's one of the best laughs I've had all week Dubya! On the more serious tone, College_student has a great point, match it up with another in the junk yard. I too would love to find a set of reclining second row seats, now that I know of them lol. What are they like? Just two...
  19. K

    BTF Fabrication Explorer Lift Coil Spacer discussions

    Also another note to answer frost monkey: My spacers where complete bolt up, no drilling or anything. They where drilled perfectly to where my strut mount bolts where.
  20. K

    Gas Mileage Drop after fuel filter???

    By disconnecting the battery, you will be clearing the trucks "learned memory" on how it should run. It will reset to a factory default, and very quickly relearn. If you do not do that, it can take a VEEEEERRRRRY long time to change, and relearn new parameters. After doing a fuel filter, there...
  21. K

    Explorer Vs. Mountaineer Diffs.

    Lol, no no, they make a 5.0 kit that comes with a motor, fly-by-wire throttlebody and throttle, and a pcm... Basicly get the motor in, and plug in the computer! Muh hahahaaa!!! You would still need to get a tranny to bolt up to it and such, but with the pcm out of that kit, that would eliminate...
  22. K

    Explorer Vs. Mountaineer Diffs.

    Well, the lift is fairly cheap... I got spacers and upper control arms from btf for about $1000 including shipping... And I put 265/75R16 tires on... Altho I already have the 4.6, I too would like the bigger V8... Actually, been looking at the 5.0, cause Ford Racing makes a plug and play kit...
  23. K

    Explorer Vs. Mountaineer Diffs.

    You wanted to start modifying... lol, I've been there, and it doesn't get any better... You will always find more things that "need" modifying
  24. K

    Explorer Vs. Mountaineer Diffs.

    Another thing to note I guess would be to reprogram the computer to the new gear ratio. It will use that info to determine the shift strategy for the tranny, and for the speedo.
  25. K

    Explorer Vs. Mountaineer Diffs.

    Just a side note to be careful with: I do not know if you have a 2wd or 4wd explorer, but you will have to swap gears on the front diff also if you have a 4wd. 2wd, no problems!