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  1. WWasem

    P0171 & P0174 4.0L SOHC's Sport/Sport Trac

    This thread saved me such aggravation! My truck threw the codes and after reading this, I immediately went to check that elbow. Sure enough it was cracked on the top in the corner. Now my question... What is the part number I need to order to replace the elbow?
  2. WWasem

    Locating the remote keypad code on a SPORT

    Awesome to have this stickied. My '01 Sport in fact had it behind the passenger side airbag.
  3. WWasem

    01 expl-sport loud knocking in rear over bumps

    This thread is a wealth of information. With ~86k on my '01 Sport I can tell this definitely needs to be done...
  4. WWasem

    Replacing stock halogens with HID's?

    No dice on that image...
  5. WWasem

    Factory Nav Unlock

    It's possible but there must be an additional step to "burn in" your settings which we do not have here...
  6. WWasem

    Factory Nav Unlock

    Man, I wish I had this when I had my '07! Screen shots & more information:
  7. WWasem

    Replacing stock halogens with HID's?

    My thoughts exactly... :thumbsup: 2 posts on the site just to whine.
  8. WWasem

    Finding Keyless Entry Module...HELP

    Thanks for this thread! It provided me with just the information I needed!
  9. WWasem

    Upgraded to Navigation

    You would need something like this - In addition to the radio above you would also need the following... Reprogram the radio for the proper boot logos and aux input GPS antenna
  10. WWasem

    Upgraded to Navigation

    Welcome to the site! :wavey: A couple things to keep in mind for your situation... If you do not have the radio setup with the subwoofer, you will need to have the navigation radio reprogrammed as such. You will need to find an 09+ GPS unit which has Sync (I know that 2007 and previous did...
  11. WWasem

    iPhone Remote

    That's exactly what I was thinking...
  12. WWasem

    iPhone Remote

    That's pretty neat. I'm interested to know how the car communicates to the Internet or what not....
  13. WWasem

    Radio/NAV Control Illumination Question

    FWIW; I had the navigation radio in my '07 and all the buttons did light up.
  14. WWasem

    Upgraded to Navigation

    My factory navigation is up for sale if anyone is interested!
  15. WWasem

    08 Explorer Factory Tint

    Any reputable tint shop should be able to tell you that information and match it correctly.
  16. WWasem

    Front Diff Seal

    It's funny you post about this. I just had our '07 in for inspection and they noticed the right front axle seal was leaking so they fixed it under warranty. Considering the time they did it in, I would have to assume they did it without taking apart the whole diff.
  17. WWasem

    Navigation System

    I swapped the factory navigation radio in to our '07 and it works great. (I still need to get it re-programmed to show the Ford logo (versus Mercury) as well add the functionality for the AUX input on the console.)
  18. WWasem

    Upgraded to Navigation

    You would need an 08+ factory navigation radio and yes, it should be plug & play.
  19. WWasem

    Busted '06 4.6L Motor Mounts

    Sheesh! No need to hate! :D I'd have to imagine you are in the .5% of owners of 2006+ Explorers that had to replace that part already.
  20. WWasem

    Wanted 2003 Explorer Sales Brochure

    No PDF but...
  21. WWasem

    Ball joints cost

    I did the job on my '01 Sport without many problems. My main reason for not wanting to replace the entire low control arm was that I'd have to release the torsion bar, which is dangerous in itself. I'm not sure if that is the same for 02+ 4-doors.
  22. WWasem

    Grinding noise when turning

    2002+ Explorers (4-door) do not have the 2WD option, only AWD. I may also venture to guess it's a wheel bearing. Jack up the front of the truck and see if you can shimmy the wheels by grabbing a hold of them and pushing back and fourth. If they move, it's a bad wheel bearing.
  23. WWasem

    Finally some pics from my expedition in Mexico!

    Extremely clean truck! I like the tasteful mods!