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    lower intake

    Job done!! sure enough the lower intake gasket was blown thru at the fwd left water journal. Used a felpro gasket, ford was out of stock. the ford definitely a better gasket. Took about 11 hours total including lunch break and frosty beverage breaks. all thats left is the test drive tomorrow...
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    lower intake

    As my previous thread explained, it looks as if I'm pulling the upper and lower manifold on Patrick tomorrow. I have the ford manual, seems straight forward. However as a technician for 30 years nothing is ever what it seems to be. Any super secret tricks before I start that I should know...
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    leaking coolant.

    I used a mirror to look around the water pump and seems dry, I can see almost were it is coming from, but like you say the a/c comp and steering pump hampers things a bit. if I look just right and sight past the casting for the coolant temp housing I can see were the lower intake meets the block...
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    leaking coolant.

    Today I stopped for fuel and noticed coolant leaking on the ground. I checked for leaking hoses, thinking that when I changed the airfilter in the morining I disturbed some thing. further investigation reaveal coolant coming from the front lefthand side somewhere where I cant see. It seems like...
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    Who has Satellite Radio?

    I just installed a xm setup in my 93, I'll take pics soon when I install the thunderform I plan to pick up. I installed a pioneer premier p740 along with the pioneer 900x sat receiver. being I plan to use the head unit and external amps I installed the 900x where the for amp went behind the...
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    Does anyone know how to install an MTX THUNDERFORM? Or have intructions to install it

    I could let you know later, I'm thinking of picking one up later if my distributor has one. Vic
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    Head unit suggestions?

    hu I just installed a pioneer deh p740mp in my 93, I got it for the xm ready controls and the stronger head unit amp22w/ch plus plays mp3 and the such, I'll be adding a amp later. I paid 239 for the head unit and 115 for the pm 900x xm receiver. so far seems pretty good. later this week I plan...
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    Joining the 6 digit club!!!

    six digit twice to bad my 93 only has a 5 digit odo. i'm going 270k on my stock Exp. just dumb luck??? Oh the starter went at 245k and the alternator at 220k, dam cheap american parts!! :0) Vic
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    different 4.0L ???

    I wonder what kind of life the sohc have?, my ohc has to this date 265k miles and still has good oil pressure and needs less than 1/2 quart between 7000 mile oil changes and just passed nj state emissions. Vic
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    If anyone is interseted, I just installed a ford drl module for 52 dollars, on my 93 exp. For years this connector on my radiator support was yearning for something to be plugged into it, so I fed it a fz43z15a272a drl controller, a ten min job and it works as advertised. Vic