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    Electronic Rust Protection

    The technology behind these devices is very solid. My dad works in a field dealing with the Corrosion of Steel in Concrete to prevent corrosion damage to buildings. This technique is called Cathodic protection:
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    Anything new on the Edge?

    Definitely Agree with you there, everyone is trying to move to more curvacious body styles. I guess the plan there is to attract women and families. Though the new Explorers still look pretty cool and masculine compared to the competition, the midsize SUVs aren't that feminine looking. The...
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    Head/Head Gasket issues

    Well I did some googling and a gasket shouldn't be too expensive, how much you think a mechanic who charges like 60 bucks an hour (seems like a normal rate in Blacksburg) would charge to replace it. Also anyone think this would help Looks shady to me, but if...
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    Head/Head Gasket issues

    My 96XLT burns both coolant and oil at decent rates, I have to refill (depending on how much driving I'm doing) every 1-3 months. When my dad had taken it to Ford to get normal fluids service, Ford told us that the truck burned coolant and that it was possibly a failed head gasket or a...
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    Speaker install...HELP!!!

    Yea you aren't going to get a bass improvement. You might want to hook them up to an amp, but it really would make a huge difference is you bit the bullet and got a sub.
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    Replacing Stock Speakers in 97EB

    Many on here seem to love the Infinity speakers, either the References or the Kappas, for a little cheaper some Pioneer 3/4 way speakers would sound a lot better than stock clarity wise.
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    High milage explorers?

    Seriously, thats an insane amount of miles for a 96.
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    Map light confusion

    Well, I went to Autozone and the guy found me the right sized bulb to replace it with. I'll get the exact model later. I also picked up some silverstars to replace my headlamps, so thats working fine now :).
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    Map light confusion

    From what I had read on this site, the map light can be replaced with a 168/194 bulb so I picked up some 194 bulbs when I was at Wal Mart. Problem is the bulb that came out from the map light thing was completely different from the ones I bought. The one that came out had a conical metal...
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    good speakers

    I have seen those Kicker comps posted here before as a good set. As far as coax speakers go, the Infinity Kappas are supposed to be real good: Your best bet though is to go to a local store and take a test listen to a lot of speakers.
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    4 Runner vs. Explorer

    Seriously though, there is a time were you buy a new car after spending a certain amount on repairs. Imho the 4Runners are great trucks but too expensive for the feature list. My dad looked at them when he was getting a new truck and for the 35k they asked for on a 4Runner with less...
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    Audio input...can I wire one in?

    Actually I think the best option is a cheap head unit with AUX in, for like $150 you can probably get direct AUXilliary input and increased sound quality.
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    Overhead Map to replace

    Bump, I'm thinking of doing this too, any thoughts?
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    Definately man, maybe Thanksgiving or something. (My first break)
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    Sweet I live in Herndon when I'm not at school. I might have to try that place.
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    I hear ya, gotta love them southern women, but its good you got your priorities straight :).
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    I will be booked until school starts again. Those weekends seem straight, I'll assume that Hokie already steered clear of the VT football game dates so I may be game :).
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    Speaker Fitting Question

    You will need to buy an adapter (or build one) to be able to attach them to the 6x8 hole. They have some decent cheap ones at
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    What do you know about the Ford Escape?

    He wasn't talking of speed and performance, Bwana bob was talking about offroad capabilities and ruggedness. The 3rd gen Explorer is designed for comfort and style. Yes it is faster, and handles better, but it just doesn't feel as solid as my 96' Explorer. We have already had to take the...
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    What do you know about the Ford Escape?

    Well I have gotten a chance to drive the escape, my dad broke the hatch glass on the back of his 02 Limited and Ford gave us an Escape as a loaner car. It is very powerful (of course, compared to my OHV V6 a civic dx is powerful) and the overall build feels very tight and sturdy. The tirm...
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    Teens or Old people

    lol, it doesn't get any worse than that does it? Old Asian woman on a cell phone, fits almost every stereotype I have ever heard about bad drivers.
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    Is this a good deal?

    Never mind, I'm gonna get an HU first before worrying about a sub.
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    CD Magazine

    Well, I checked for you, and its the same serial number as the one you posted. Sorry it took so long. The only thing I can tell you is to check all the Ford dealers in your area, I am sure one will be willing to charge you 30 bucks to ship in a replacement.
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    Is this a good deal?

    Hey, I can get an Alpine V12 amp (I have contacted the guy for exact specs) and a RF 10" HE2 subwoofer for 200 shipped. You guys think this is a good deal? Also could I use it with the stock HU until I get a new one? Now, I'm not looking for a lot of bump, just a lot more than I have...
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    Peel & Seal or Ice Guard vs Dynamat

    Ok that answered my questions, I have replaced my speakers, so I know what you mean by the holes, just wondered when people were talking about whole sheets as if you just layed it down like carpet. Now I know why people say its so hard :p.