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    subwoofer spacer ring

    it will add a little bit of air space to the it may throw ur calculations off
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    My first system

    oh thats right u dont have the CVR..still though not a bad sub what are u going to afterwards?
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    subwoofer spacer ring

    the spacer will hold up..MDF is prety strong so even half inch of support will do fine
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    My first system

    190 watts isnt plenty =) when u add more power it will really livin up for u i run 2 kicker comp VRs off of a RF 800@2 pushing somehting close to 1krms a sub it was a night and day difference from like 200-250 rms to near 1k lol
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    Sub firing into MTX Thunderform. Work? Pic.

    just because u are selling something that doesnt always make it ****...sometimes people just get tired of things or want new things
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    i got a pioneer w.o a face plate =)..j.k lol
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    Carputer, CarPC; whatever you want to call it

    u dont really need to have the entire tower so u can really mount it anywhere aslong as the ribbon cables will reach each behind the right rear quater pannel =) then just add in a few fans and ur good to go
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    just put in a cap tell me what you think of the install

    run the wires under the carpet?
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    HU installlation wo's

    lol so ud rather continue to losse money just so u can feel like u beat the idiot?? see id rather not give a crap about what other people do after they have stolen my stuff aslong as i get back everything i rather not losse it in the first place but it is easier to say i lose 2...
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    Where to wire a second HU?

    u just said it..switched and constant constant does just what u think it does it keeps a constant supply of power to keep the settings..clock ect. switched is like the remote turn on for an amp it tells the HU to turn off or on so u dont drain the battery i dont think u can run 2 diff inputs...
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    HU installlation wo's

    if its easy to pull out he will make off with the deck right??? if its hard to pull out he will STILL make off with the deck but ur dash will be totaled....something to think about aslong as it isnt causing any kind of skipping and isnt coming out over bumpy roads id leave it as is
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    Where to wire a second HU?

    tap the 12 volt constant to the batt and the 12v switched to the same switched as the stock HU uses will run fine...i guess why do u need 2 HUs??
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    Head Unit skipping from subwoofer

    u shouldnt be having any skipping..i have a bit more beat ALOT closser to my dash and i rarely have any skipping..even when slamming over speed bumps
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    The custom grill writeup....Finally!

    if it opens through the hood leave a small hole to poke something through...u can imagine something up
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    Just got jacked...

    ..i made sure to add to my insurance policy so it covered crap inside the car..costs me $20 more a month i think if that..but it is deff worth it since they will cover upto 10k in crap
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    Need '03 Explorer alloy!

    lol before anybody finds out?? take the parents car for a mean test trive uh?
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    Just got jacked...

    i use a blue packing blanket since it is a little heavier and wont comform to the box to they wont be able to tell wha tit is
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    Help -- Power Window "issues"

    will they work if u use the switch on each door? or are u trying to do them all with the drivers door one?
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    Which HU? Kenwood or Clarion...

    if u go ebay or wholesale or something u can probably get the more $$ ones for the less $$ price
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    Component speaker enclosure questions

    drew runs like 3 sets of comps in the front now so it wont hurt the imaging having more then the speakers aslong as it is done right id toss the tweets on the dash aiming at the windsheild then put the 6.5 in the door call it quits
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    A/C Question (I see the leak!)

    lol it probably WILL blind u..but i worked on that crap for more then a year and NEVER had anything come even close to my face...explosive disharges and all
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    GTP Install Worklog

    i really wouldnt worry about the alt =) if u only knew what my alt goes through also u will be fine running the mtx like that..just beat on it for a few hrs then get out and see how hot it that a few times if u dont feel safe running it at whatever ohm ur gunna run it at
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    u can pic up a pan 983 for something like 180$ now...6 band eq...5v pre outs( i think 5v) 3 sets of pre outs..all the goodys u could possibly want to make ur amp powered setup run correct and the SQ is awesome on focal components with 2 17w7s edit..thats not my setup its in a friends...
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    ...most of the lower end brands will lie...the higher end brands will usually under rate there power and the middle brands will usually be spot on i doubt they are lieing about there power rating..also wth are u talking about lower SQ with a panasonic unit??? have u EVER even seen one in pearson?
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    yep because panasonic needs to lie to sell there crap..sigh