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    Looking at buying this trailer

    Looking at maybe buying this trailer, Its 21ftx6'6ft, needs work but i can get it for $300. Only thing that worries me is i cant tell if it use to be a moblie home trailer converted or what. It deff has MH axles (3 of the tires themselves say on the side MH use only), axles are welded together...
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    Missing fire i think

    ok so i just now got a new MAF sensor got home diconnected negitive and installed new one reconnected negitive and still the same problem no fix yet. what to do now? maybe try VAF sensor?
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    Missing fire i think

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    Missing fire i think

    Alrite thanks. I changed the spark plugs becuase some were cracked and missing rubber around them, cleaned the MAF sensor and put in a new fuel filter. Once i started it the check engine light came on and is overheating. Code that came up was PO102 which says intake air leak-duct tube...
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    Missing fire i think

    Have a 98 explorer with the ohv, in the winter it started to stumble or say so like missing maybe but after it would warm up it would be just fine. Then a couple days ago it started again but would fix itself, but now its constant and would repair itself lol. I changed the spark plugs tonight...
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    havent posted in a long time heres couple recent pics sorta. around 9-10' with 37x14.50
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    Hello to all!!!

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    welcome to the forum!
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    oh really ha me to i graduated 07. n always parked on the side in the senior lot by the pay phones ha truck was little smaller with 35's but now 37's and different sum newer parts lol. ya ik a couple people with 4runner and there a badass truck good luck
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    lol really thats funny ha. id say i have seen yours but i see alot of 2dr ex's ha prolly have seen it tho. ya im building up a heep at the moment to mud and trail ride with. u live in clearwater to?
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    New here, hello

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    show off your LIFTED truck

    havent posted on this site for a while but im back again got sum updates of the explorer. other pictures are on like page 51 i think but here new pics with 37x14.50x15 and around 9.5-10' up front and 9-9.5 in the rear.
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    UKExploder- ya it is, its a 1934, 3spd, center steer, with a hand brake. pretty fun to do ha. just something else i like doing.
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    Ok thanks kinda figured that it would be that since i havent touched anything to try n fix it. thanks again
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    Ok so i did a body lift on my truck last year around march and after i did it my airbag light came on. Looked that up and found and think its the sensor under the seat, so i just left it alone and the light stayed on. Now last night it was on, parked got out, got back in about two hours later...
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    First post - good to be aboard!

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    NewB here

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    hi to all from n. e. ohio

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    just saying hi-- and ya i got problems

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    Hello from PA

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    Another one!

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