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  1. J

    Need to replace manual seat with power seat in 2004 Base Explorer.

    I do not know with 100% certainty but from all of the seats I put in my rangers over the years the power seats were taller than the manual counterpart. Unfortunately the Trac is just not kind to tall people
  2. J

    Ford mechanics can't figure out why AC keeps blowing fuse. Faulty diode?

    It does make sense because my 4.0l did the same thing. You can pick up a cheap multi meter that has a diode function to help troubleshoot just so you do not throw a whole lot of random parts at the truck. In my case I was getting continuity both ways through the circuit and as a result it was...
  3. J

    transmission line replacement

    Is it leaking where the tube meets the transmission housing? I had that problem with my factory transmission and wound up having to create a gasket with RTV and an O ring. The bottom part of the tube is supposed to be a press fit and once it is loose it is a bear.
  4. J

    Parting out a Sport Trac, check out the for sale section. LInked in thread.

    I wish you were closer, I would be buying all kinds of things!
  5. J

    different trans.... no reverse!!

    To adjust the cable you put the lever in drive and then hang a weight from the lever to help keep it from moving. Pop the cable off of the shift arm on the transmission and rotate the shift arm counter clockwise as far as it will go then bring it back two clicks clockwise for the drive...
  6. J

    Body Lift Need Help ASAP

    I had the same issue and wound up pulling the bumper and cover off a few times. The notches that hold the cover on fought me quite a bit but I was able to get the drivers side eventually.
  7. J

    different trans.... no reverse!!

    Did the installer adjust the shifter linkage? I had a similar issue with my re manufactured trans until I adjusted the linkage. When you are in a gear is the needle not really lined up with the number?
  8. J

    Body Lift Need Help ASAP

    Sorry not close but what are you fighting?
  9. J

    sprucing up the Trac!

    Way to make the rest of us feel bad! I love the black and white!
  10. J

    Spacer size for 285 75 16 on stock wheels.

    2nd! The spaces will cause far more rubbing but it is worth it to not look like a roller skate running down the road. I ran 1.5 inch spacers until changing wheels and tires (used to be 265/75/16 on stockers) and the front tires were just sticking out from the fender. Also be sure to post...
  11. J

    a thump noise every 20 to 30 sec. on 4x4

    Do you notice it while in corners or just after a corner? Sounds more like the axle loading up and then skipping a tire than a transfer case issue. You would only have that issue when the tires have some traction so when there is just snow the tire slides effortlessly. Have you checked the fluid...
  12. J


    Sadly these are not as easy as OBD1 systems. You would need to take it to your local auto parts store and have them pull the codes for you if you do not want to buy a scanner. That or check your circle of friends to see if anyone has an OBD2 reader you could borrow.
  13. J


    Glad to hear everyone is OK! Far to many injuries it seems from lookieloos plowing into things!
  14. J

    looking for canopy

    At least here they show up on craigslist far more in the summer months and if you can wait a few more months you might be able to save $1500:thumbsup:
  15. J

    after a long layoff, im finally back

    Glad to see you back! Funny how life throws everything at you at once! Congrats on your new family! If you did not marry the girl who went with you on all of those trips then you would be a blithering idiot!:salute:
  16. J

    NEEDED: Camper shell & lift kit

    Welcome to the forum! Most of us use the Performance Accessories body lift You can also adjust the torsion bars but be sure to read up before doing that as several people have wished they left them alone. There is a...
  17. J

    Replaced Transmission, do I need to reprogram the computer?

    When I changed my transmission last year nothing had to be done for programming and I do not recall reading anything here on the forums while I was reading up on the process. I could see the possibility of programming on much newer transmissions but what is used in our trucks is pretty simple...
  18. J

    Newbie with a 2005 with an interesting heater situation

    How much coolant is in the radiator and expansion tank? Sounds like the pump is struggling to catch a prime or there is some other coolant control issue. If you switch the temp dial to cool do you get the same heat coming from the vents? Welcome to the madness!
  19. J

    How to change pinion seals

    Reinstall the drive shaft and transfer case skid if it was removed. Add gear oil to bring the differential up to level (a pump is much easier but I only had a funnel and tubing on hand) and then clean the bejimminy christmas out of everything so you can better see if anything leaks when...
  20. J

    How to change pinion seals

    Remove the old seal and let the housing drain then install the new seal. I used RTV on the lip for added insurance but this is not needed since most seals will have something built in. Wipe a little gear oil on the yoke and slide it in place and run the nut on hand tight with a drop of...
  21. J

    How to change pinion seals

    With the rotational torque recorded break out the pipe wrench to hold the yoke and use the breaker bar to remove the nut holding it on. The yoke will then pull off but be sure to have a catch pan ready for the gear oil that will start to run out!
  22. J

    How to change pinion seals

    Now that the truck is up in the air and the tires arte not touching the ground it is time to measure the rotational torque before anything else is removed. This must be done to make sure that you put the right torque on the crush sleeve and not trash the bearings! Start turning the torque wrench...
  23. J

    How to change pinion seals

    Once the drain plug is loose remove the torx screws on the front of the drive shaft and then the 8mm bolts that hold the rear of the shaft to the transfer case. Pull the driveshaft out and set it aside. it is much easier to drop the transfer case skid to get at the bolts but a body lift gives...
  24. J

    How to change pinion seals

    I just wanted to leave this here for others to find while searching:salute: Sorry about the pictures, they are rotated on my computer but uploaded funny :( Be sure to read up on any project you are thinking of doing before you begin and make sure you have all of the needed tools and parts...
  25. J

    Colorado: anyone up for a run soon?

    I have November 14th free but that might be to late in the year:eek: