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    Front Liscense Plate

    I have an '01 X and I was wondering how you take off the front liscense plate bracket? There appear to be 2 very long screws that come from the bumper (on the engine side) and go outwards. I can't reach where they are inside the bumper because of a plate of somethin blockin the way. Any suggestions?
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    Air Ram hood for 2000 XLT SOHC 6 cyl

    Don't most small hood scoops not even help when traveling at high speeds? I thought, and I could be wrong, that at high speeds, air is traveling too fast or is hitting your bumper/grille and angling up and actually going over the hood scoop if you have an aftermarket one. Some examples of a...
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    turbo or supercharger?

    Thanks to you 410, I didn't think it would work, but I didn't think it would actually reduce horsepower or mileage either.
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    turbo or supercharger?

    Anybody heard of the Turbonator product? It's only about 70 bucks and it's supposed to increase your fuel economy by an average 20% MPG increase and power by 20 HP. If anybody has one of these, what do you think of it? Good, bad, alright? Is it worth it?
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    Quick questions about replacing speakers

    I've got Rockford Fosgate components up front, with Fosgate 3-way coaxials in the back. I'll see if I can get the serial numbers, the speakers cost me 'bout $100-200, can't remember.
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    Photoshopers! A little help please...

    I don't want to endorse anything illegal here but, I feel it is my duty to pass along information to the general public. Sort of like a Pay it Forward thing. Serial number, serial number generators, cracks, downloads, links, anything for the modern day software pirate. A...
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    2007/2008 Sport Trac

    This is straight out of on the new sport trac adrenalin coming out 2007/2008. This is going to be Ford's canidate in the new muscle truck line against Dodge's Ram SRT10 which carries the Viper V-10 engine. I'd save up now if you plan on getting a new car. edit: Sorry I put...
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    Which Speakers to use for upgrade ??

    Since you're already takin off the door panel, I suggest getting some dynomat padding. Probably the best that you're going to get as far as exterior noise cancelation, and improved interior noise. May be a bt pricey, but I doubt that you will be dissapointed. Edit: Incase you still care, I...
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    Truck Box (Wedge shaped)

    I'm not sure how much room the 3rd row leaves you in the back, but since MTX makes subwoofer enclosures that are designed to fit in the back of SUV's, you could just look at their spec's and get an idea of how you wanted to make your box. Or you could just buy one, whichever floats your boat...
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    Need some help picking bass.......

    MTX makes a sub that fits in the right rear cargo pocket thing in the cargo area. It's a little pricey, and Q-Logic makes one too, but the MTX is obviously the better one. But if that doesn't float your boat, then I...
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    New Exhaust system

    Did you buy the pipes and muffler first, then go to the shop and the labor only cost you 275? Or did you buy them from the shop and all of it together was only 275?
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    3 questions for the experts

    Just thought you might wanna know that you went from 1 directly to 3, and left out 2. Didn't look like anybody else caught it so I just wanted to make sure you could count right. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend workin on your truck.
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    explorer forum T-shirts

    You said that you originally had them in colors such as: black, blue, orange, red and white, but if it's a black shirt, is the decal/text white? And with the blue red orange and white, is the text black? just clarifin...
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    Future of the Explorer in doubt?

    I was actually in the UK for a little over a week through Christmas and New Years and I also noticed something. Pretty much every car on the road is a car. I think the only truck that I noted was a Ranger, and the only SUV's I saw were all Range/Land Rovers. I also noted that they aren't very...
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    Updated pics of the Expo

    That is a big ass box for just one sub. I'd say that you could definately fit at least 2 15" subs in the back of X, or at least, in the back of a 4 door, im not sure about the sport. And where did you get the PA system and how'd you install it. i love drivin around and yellin at people, but the...
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    SOHC muffler - good replacement?

    Somebody feel like bein a nice guy and checkin on that for me because right now I have very limited internet access and my x is unavailable to me.
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    SOHC muffler - good replacement?

    Will this muffler also fit the '01 explorer sohc. I've seen a lot of websites that say parts only fit ex's from '97-'00 or '95-'00, even though this website and others say that the second gen explorers go to '01. So will all the other parts that I see (air intake, lifts, grille gaurds, etc.)...
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    00 explorer sport lift

    That link is just a link to another link. Just go straight here for the thread -Luke
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    Yep, it's another noob

    i guess some of this stuff helped me out. and as i said earlier, i am not going to be doing any cosmetic mods to my truck until later. if you have any suggestions for performance mods, those would be appreciated. and to bigdave, im up in northern cali just south of san fransisco in the bay area.
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    Yep, it's another noob

    As the title may or may not suggest, I am new to the boards and was wonderin if yall could help me out with my x. i got an 01 xlt white and was wonderin how i should start moddin this lean machine so it can be a bad ass mother. i wanna start off with some performance upgrades (i.e., air intake...