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    Finding Factory Keyless Code for Front Door

    On my 2006, it is written up in the parking brake area on a sticker either attached to the fuse box or right next to it, it was very hard to see I ended up using a mirror and a flashlight but it was there
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    Understanding front door stays.

    I gave my 2006 to my cousin last year but I’m still a little curious. Maybe next time I see one in the junkyard I’ll take a hinge off and do a little experimenting on it
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    2006 Explorer XLT - New Battery Swap, Now Will Not Start

    Prior to the battery swap, was the car jump started and if so any chance cables were reversed even for a second? Any chance when new battery was installed that the wires were touched to the wrong terminals even for a second?
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    2007 xlt 4wd auto sounds engaged

    If these trucks ever seem stuck in 4WD engaged (automatically), try pushing the 4WD High button, immediately followed by the Auto button. Works on mine every time.
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    2006 XLT Transmission "Bump"

    Get it up to highway speed, cruise gently at light throttle so it gets into top gear and converter lockup. Then add just a bit of throttle to give it some load but not enough to cause downshift or unlocking of converter. If you have a misfiring coil, this will likely reveal it.
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    2006 XLT Transmission "Bump"

    I second the ignition coil idea. You can really feel the stuttering when cruising with torque converter locked up
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    Towing Question

    It occasionally flares on the 2-3 shift, and Reverse is getting weak, but she is still going. But I truly baby this trans, especially when towing.
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    Towing Question

    I’ve been towing my 3,500 pound camper for 15 years with my 2006 V6 without the tow package. Just hit 165,000 miles still on original transmission
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    Found the Engineering test mode

    On Mine I only neeD to hold down RESET before turning on ignition. I use it sometimes when towing my camper so I can see a digital display of engine temperature, been doing it since 2006 because I already knew about it from the 2005 F450 we had at work back then does anyone know of a way to...
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    2008 Explorer clunking while turning at slow speeds.

    I recall that you chased a front end noise in the 2006 a while back
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    2008 Explorer clunking while turning at slow speeds.

    Universal joint in front driveshaft? Excessive play in front differential?
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    I had some slipping while towing in overdrive, does my transmission need a rebuild?

    Are you sure it was actually slipping and not just reacting to the hill and downshifting or unlocking the torque converter that was causing the rpm to rise without an increase in vehicle speed?
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    service RSC now

    Did they check the rear tone rings on each rear axle shaft? Look for cracks and irregular gaps between teeth
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    2010 Explorer Exhaust

    My 2006 V6 is still going strong on the original exhaust system. I owned it since new spending most of its time in north jersey salty winter roads, and at least 4 weeks per year 3 blocks from the beach. Barely any louder than when new, only a slight resonance around 55 mph in top gear with...
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    Adventures with Radiators

    I switched to the 16 psi cap about 7 years ago with no issue, but now plastic upper tank is cracking. By the way, my other explorer is a 2020 with the turbo 2.3 liter, and it has a 21 psi cap!
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    Adventures with Radiators

    I’ve had my original ford radiator replaced in 2007 with a ford radiator, and that one failed in 2009 right before it went out of warranty. That third ford radiator went 4 years before it began dripping a little, and I’ve been dealing with it all these years til it finally cracked the upper tank...
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    2010 After market rims.

    5 mm is very close, negligible difference. I agree no problem
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    2010 After market rims.

    A few guys are running 2nd generation rims on their 4th gens which stick out quite a bit more. keep in mind that the further you deviate from stock, the more stress you put on the wheel bearings, and ours aren’t known for their durability
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    Auto stop stopped stopping

    Not saying there isn’t a problem, but there’s quite a few things that could keep it from turning off. 1) less than full engine temp as mentioned 2) wheels turned left or right 3) heavy electrical or climate control load 4) tow haul mode, and I think a few others 5) trailer connected or...
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    Mountaineer won't move forward under throttle

    Second is 1st with OD engaged
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    5R55S shift shudder between 3rd and 4th gear

    My 2006 V6 has had a shift flare on 2-3 and a shudder between 3-4 under half throttle or more for OVER 5 years now. Just hit 163,000 miles on original trans
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    Knocking Noise Upon Cold Startup

    Remove the serpentine belt and then start the car on a cold day and see if noise goes away
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    P0108 code for MAP/Barometric Pressure Circuit High

    I searched thru a few old posts on this topic and hoping someone has some additional information. 2006 4.0 liter V6 From what I understand, the EGR valve has a map sensor built into it, thus needing replacement as an assembly. I checked the electrical connection, and the wire insulation for...
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    Heating issue - what broke?

    Make certain you are not low on coolant, check plastic bottle AND radiator its self before doing anything else. If it was low and you still don’t get heat you may need too bleed the air out of the system
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    So what's the favored radiator now?

    I wish, I had 2 replaced by the 36,000 mile mark