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    electrical issue with front map light

    Map lights I want to make sure I'm reading this right if my dome lights work but both my front and back map lifts don't work the issue is with the viser.
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    Service Button

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found the button and it worked like a charm.
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    Service Button

    Anybody know where the service Button is located on my 2010 I have had the ford remote start put in and i dont like the Idea that the truck shuts off when you open the door. See the You Tube Video v=fQHb0mU0rvI"][/URL]
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    4/20/2013 I have switched back to the dark side I bought a 2010 XLT with 37000. I will be posting pictures soon. I felt really good to be back behind the wheel of an Explorer. I will post more info about the truck when i post pictures.:D
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    Traded My X yesterday.

    This was a guy in his 50's had insurance from a good part of town that's why we took him to the hospital in the "Hood". The "Hood" does not bother me when I'm working because they are happy to see us and we are not the police.
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    Traded My X yesterday.

    Picture Alert not the best pictures but here they are
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    Traded My X yesterday.

    I'm an EMT and we get called for the dumbest things and that actually happened the guy needed a note for work. When he called of so we took him to the hospital of our choice. It was the farthest from his house in the "hood". We told the nurse and they made the guy wait for 5 hours before he was...
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    Traded My X yesterday.

    I will take Pictures and post them by wednesday. I would do it tommorow but I heard somthing about alittle rain shower coming up the coast :bsnicker:
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    Traded My X yesterday.

    :D Traded My 95 X yesterday got 1500.00 for it. I was really starting to dread doing it till I looked under it while removing all my strobe lights and found RUST RUST RUST holy crap bat man Shocks, Shackles, bumper supports, I was happy to see it go after that. Engine was doing good Rebuilt...
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    95 explorer xlt alarm

    Remote If it is just the door lock and unlock the box on mine is located on the drivers side right by my left foot. when it stops working i give it a kick and it works again. I have to do it about 3 time a year.
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    Rear E Brake Shoe Replacement

    E break I was having a brake job done they called and told me that the E brake fell apart and it had to be replaced. I said look I have not used it in like 7 years so justr leave it off. When I got there they just put it on for the 25.00 it cost for the part. So now I will have a new E break...
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    i'm new try this site
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    coolant smell

    Smell I had the same problem I replaced the mixing valve (not right name) the vacume valve that sends coolent to the heater core i changed that and bam smell gone
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    Cool I Have all that stuff for here in nj thinking maybe Ill take th ex down I trust it in the sand and i know how it handles.
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    (yes I searched) Going to Avon in 3 weeks taking wifes Jeep not the Ex where exctly can you drive on the Beach down at the outer banks and are there air Stations near by I really dont' feel like lugging all the crap onto the beach I'm spoiled at island beach. Can anybody help Do i need a...
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    wig wag question

    with my 95 I have 8 strobe head in the front and 4 in back , 2 are in grill 1 head in each of the turn signals and one in the running lights. Then i have one in the back one in each of the backup and turn signals. I looks sick it takes 2 power supplies Wife hates when i get a call and she is in...
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    SOB Sombody will die

    it looks I guy from the fire house took my truck friday He does detailing for dealers went out saturday morning wow looks really good glass is 100% paint is 75%
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    SOB Sombody will die

    I found out a little info there is a scum bag that lives on my block when he first moved in he was knocking on doors and borrowing money he got my father for twenty. I confronted the POS after he walked into my dad's tool shed he did not realize i was in there sombody called the cops when they...
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    SOB Sombody will die

    I came out of the house this morning and some SOB scraped up the X and not just the body but the glass. Ill be the first to admit the paint on the body has seen its better days but they scrached the drivers door glass deep scrach in viewing areaof the side mirror. *%#@!!*& window behind driver...
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    Lock the keys in the car?

    nope did not work for me
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    yea Fried My Shift motor

    it's Toast I had a friend look at my truck and I must have hit somthing cause it was banged up pluse he pulled the tranny down and it needs to be rebuilt again (damm AAMCO) so i have hit a cross road need to figure out what to do. Wife is pissed she wanted me to get rid of it last summer ob wellb
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    The most heavy duty hitch available?

    Hidden Hitch I have hadt it for a couple of years with no problems I like that you only see the reciver
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    yea Fried My Shift motor

    I ws out driving through unplowed parking lots and i got a little hung up droped it down to 4 lo. It took along time to engage but once it did i I got un stuck. I want to go back into 4 hi A miniute went buy Nothing. I shut it off turned it back on and nothing again waited a min or so turned...
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    Anybody ordered from here (I searched)

    I came across this company looking for a radio Replacement Radio
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    Buy the BFG's??

    I love my BFG bought used and have over 50,000 miles on them