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  1. gmbroy

    1996 JBL Audio

    I found a 6.5" to replace the one i had . I should have just rebuilt the old speaker . very easy & cheap . It was a pain pulling the panel off . I could have replaced the head unit but the **** in me wanted to keep the factory unit . lol It all works well I had the cd changer rebuilt . it works...
  2. gmbroy

    Fixing recirculation AC door

    Will check , pretty sure i do . Will load it monday after work
  3. gmbroy


    Sounds like you might be in 4x4 ?
  4. gmbroy

    Rear Diff ??

    I am glad your diff. Did not turn out to be toast . Pound for pound the ford explorer's are very hard to beat . But i prefer the x code v6 . Good luck with your explorer & holler if you need us .
  5. gmbroy

    Rear Diff ??

    You can use gasket with thin coat rtv on each side of it . My concern is the damage thst has all ready been done to your differential do to lack of oil . Once you fill it up ,which means you add oil till it comes out of hole your adding it in , and try it dont be surprized if your rear end breaks .
  6. gmbroy

    GEM wire harness

    is there any way you could just solder in a new wire to replace the bad one ??? Doing all 26 would be a major PITA . Keep me informed on your progress I will try to help all i can .
  7. gmbroy

    Auto locking hub question

    the 2 thrust washers are just 2 thin plastic washers , you should have them . some one has taken them off prior to you . they go in between the bearing adjusting nut & the plastic cam .
  8. gmbroy

    1997 Explorer Climate Control Possesed !

    Have you replaced the blend door actuator ? I need to do the heater treater repair myself . Did you do it or have it done
  9. gmbroy

    Radiator Lines

    you could go to a junk yard & get a line you could make work that wouldnt be so short . but if its double clamped it should be ok . if you had enough room you could flare the pipe to help hold on the rubber hose .
  10. gmbroy

    Towing an enclosed cargo trailer with a V6

    X2 what Mbrooks420 said . the bumper is rated for a total of 3500 with 350 being the max tongue weight . Take your time it should do fine . Good luck
  11. gmbroy

    1996 JBL Audio

    My subwoofer took a crap . where can i get a replacement speaker i can just change out . would prefer to keep it jbl
  12. gmbroy

    96 Ford Explorer Headlights won't turn off

    My guess would be that the switch has went bad . But you have tried that . let me check my wiring diagram later today & i will get back to you .
  13. gmbroy

    Water pump bolts

    LOL I am a maintenance mechanic at the Zamma Corp. in Orange VA . We deal with Fastenal & there prices can be very high . If we quote them a price that is much lower they will match it . But what about all the people who just fork it over . We order on line if possible .
  14. gmbroy

    Door handles

    If possible maybe you could do a write up with pics , that would be very helpful to a lot of us .
  15. gmbroy

    Door hinges

    let us know how it goes . Hope you find them . worse case is you could go to a junk yard find 2 good hinges then rebush them before installing them .
  16. gmbroy

    Door hinges

    if possible can you just do a bushing replacement on the hinges . if so you can get those at advance auto or autozone . should be in the dorman help section . there are threads on here explaining how to do this job & also should be some on you tube . hope this helps
  17. gmbroy

    Issues With 99 Explorer

    Ok on the dome light there is 3 bulbs in thst housing 2 for the map lights & 1 in the center for the entry light ,check that bulb .hope that fixes it for you
  18. gmbroy

    Are this transfer cases interchangeable?

    it should fit but the donor looks to be an 95 year TC which means it has 2wd & 4wd your 98 should be an awd . not sure the electronics will work .
  19. gmbroy

    ford explorer flashing 4x4 high.low lights

    Could be a couple things causing them to flash . Even with the front drive shaft out it is still an awd as far as the transfer case is concerned . go to the transfer case section of this forum & you will find Lots & lots of threads on the flashing 4wd indicator lights . I wish it was a small...
  20. gmbroy

    Howling Noise, Gets Louder w/Speed *NOT BEARINGS*

    Id like to aď a second on the pics of the busted up TC .
  21. gmbroy

    Howling Noise, Gets Louder w/Speed *NOT BEARINGS*

    at first guess i was say the noise was the chain in the TC . saying bye bye . good luck & keep us informed .
  22. gmbroy

    Help: removing rear door windows and regulator.

    you do not need to remove the fixed window to replace the regulator . i would suggest updating to the hardware from a 95 -00 explorer . here is a thread on it .How To: First Gen Rear Window with Cables Fix
  23. gmbroy

    4.0 Tranny interchangeability?

    I am decently sure it will work they used the 5R55E on models after 96 equipped with a v6 . if you can get the trans codes from the doors . that will help . keep us updated
  24. gmbroy

    Shift lights flashing 2n gen - Hello

    have you ever found out anything about this issue , i am having it myself
  25. gmbroy

    4x4 Issues

    You can shift to 4low from 2wd but you have to have your foot on the brake & the trans must be in neutral . if you have a manual trans you must have your foot on the brake , in neutral or the clutch must be pressed .