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    98 explorer 4X4 fluid refill

    From the service manual: 98 Explorer/Mountaineer — 5R55E (4x4) 4.0L 9.8 liters 10.3 qts MERCON ® V; XT-5-QM
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    Radio/Clock Display not working

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    Oil Pan Drain Plug Hole Coiled Out. ( Pics )

    For those who don't have the owners manual, you can download the owners manual in pdf form at the following link: Dead Link Removed
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    Where is the horn? 1999 Ford Explorer Sport

    My 98 has the horn on the frame rail down under the battery. Easiest to get under the vehicle to replace it.
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    Solved 1998 - 2002 Ford Explorer Stereo Wiring Diagrams ARE HERE!!!!!

    speed controlled volume - offsets the higher level of noise during hig speed driving.
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    Solved 1998 - 2002 Ford Explorer Stereo Wiring Diagrams ARE HERE!!!!!

    wiring diagrams:
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    Identify this 98 Explorer radio?

    Here is a thread that has a lot of information about the many Ford audio models. It may answer some of your questions:
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    Identify this 98 Explorer radio?

    The radio shown is a premium, a step up from the standard radio. The RDS button is only used on the premium and Mach models. The Mach radios send all the bass below 200 Hz to the sub woofer, the door speakers don't get any base frequencies.
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    Doors Continuously Locking...?

    I just found the relay box (auxiliary relay box #4) it is behind the left rear interior panel above the wheel well. The schematic shows three relays with the center one being the all lock relay. The other two are the drivers door unlock relay and the all unlock relay.
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    Doors Continuously Locking...?

    The lock relays on my 98 expy are in the compartment where the jack is - behind the left rear interior panel. Perhaps yours are in the same place?
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    Doors Continuously Locking...?

    Sounds like the rap module is defective. There are relays that are used to lock the doors and unlock the doors. In the owners manual there should be a relay diagram to identify them. Try pulling the lock relays. The rap module is located behind the left rear interior panel, above the wheel. Try...
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    Solved 1998 - 2002 Ford Explorer Stereo Wiring Diagrams ARE HERE!!!!!

    The rear antenna connection is shown on the 96-97 JBL system schematic. I think the tuner is actually in the rear amp/tuner assy and gets the signal directly. The front control just tells the tuner to go up/down to the next station. The antenna may actually be a 5 volt operated control system. I...
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    stock radio

    Here is all the info you will ever need on the problem-very common problem:
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    Remove stock 6 disc changer from 98 XLT

    go here to get the pdf:
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    Buzzing noise when blinker is on

    Usually a sign of a bad multifunction switch. Do a search, lots of info on it.
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    Remove stock 6 disc changer from 98 XLT

    Easy Removal Disconnect the battery ground cable. -Up to you if you want I don't. If equipped, disconnect and remove the cellular phone and bracket. Remove the console compartment trim panel. Remove the coin holder/tissue box holder. Position the CD changer aside. Remove the screws...
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    Quick speaker question...

    Best Buy:
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    No DJ

    Most likely one of the harness connectors got disconnected behind the radio. There are multiple connectors. Wiring Schematics Here:
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    Help, my radio harness has been spliced

    Get the correct wiring diagram here-pdf 1995-2001:
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    Speaker Down! Wiring Problem

    If you have a rear integrated control panel you could also have a problem there. The speaker wires don't run through the CD changer, the left and right pre-amp level outputs do though. Look at the schematic and follow the signal from amp to speaker or from speaker to amp measuring signal or...
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    Speaker Down! Wiring Problem

    Here is a quick overview of removal: TOOLS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION: Phillips Head Screwdriver T50 Torx 15mm Wrench 8mm Socket 1/4” Socket Ratchet 6” Ratchet Extension 11/32” Socket Panel Puller 1. Remove the retractable cargo cover. 2. Remove the liftgate scuff plate, start from...
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    Speaker Down! Wiring Problem

    Some explorers have a premium or audiophile sound system that has only a head unit in the dash. The amplifier is mounted behind the passenger side rear quarter panel interior panel. The wiring to the speakers comes from that. Got to the following link and get all the schematics for your 97...
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    Stereo Cuts Out

    Possibly the rear controls are intermittent.
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    97 Explorer radio loses passenger side sound

    If you have rear controls, try working them and tapping on the rear of the console. I had some similar problems with my 98, then the radio just quit. It was a short in the rear controls causing the problems. I just by-passed them and wired directly from the head unit to the speakers.
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    Wanted owners manual

    do a web search for torrent 97 explorer service manual.