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    Timing Chain Question

    I've got the same 2002 4.0 with 170,000 miles. I've used full synthetic the past 70,000 miles. I never planned on replacing the timing at all. Untill... I just recently developed a little clanky or pinging sound at start up and idle. From what I have researched it appears to be from the...
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    3rd gen pic's

    What kind of prep and paint are you using on the textured bumpers? The front looks good.
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    3rd gen pic's

    I love the FBI look.
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    Proof it does snow in NC

    In order to lower it properly do you just add the lowering springs and get it realigned or what?
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    Proof it does snow in NC

    Love your Explorer man. It inspires me to lower my next one instead of lifted like mine now..since I don't really do any offroad anyway it only make sense :) The adrenalin rims are spot on.
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    "Snow" and iced roads

    Nothing will get traction on ice unless you have spikes... Id imagine those grabbers would do well in the snow. You'll do well as long as you don't let the wheels spin. Stay easy on the pedal when accelerating and especially while already moving, avoid uneccesary lane changes and when making...
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    Struttek and btf spacer?

    I installed 4 new strutteks and 2.0 front and 1.5 rear btf spacers at the same time about 2 years ago. The struts are holding up fine and the ride is OK. I just keep tearing the rubber on my ball joints. May have to invest in btf control arms w/uniball... but other wise happy with the strutteks...
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    Roast me for buying primewell tires.

    Just caught this on a whim... I have sold the primewells a while ago with those old rims. Got new soft 8's and duratracs now! :) They were decent actually. Showed no wear after about 8000 miles. Performed well in the rain and quiet on the freeway. A good all around street tire. I would buy...
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    Soft 8 Question for wheel gurus

    :thumbsup:I concour. I think they look sweet. I've got black ones 16X8 with 245/75.. Not sure of my offset though but they don't stick out as much as yours.
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    Stiff ride

    A simple solution would be just to replace your rear struts with a quick strut like strutteks. They sell them everywhere on the internet. Good luck.
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    2nd gen snow tires

    Why do the rear wheels seem to look like they stick out more than the front?
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    2nd gen snow tires

    ya, not too shabby really. care to post a pic from the front?
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    any one in Michigan?

    I haven't seen another lifted 3rd gen in Michigan besides Steve's (Kazer). Once in a while someone will comment about mine which in turn is cool because someone noticed :) I'm in SE Mich.
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    2002 standard ford explorer?

    Probably not. They are pretty rare from what I know. Would like to see pics on how its set up. 4X4 or just 2 wheel drive?
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    lift and alignment

    I intially had a Firestone Tire center do an alignment after my spacers were installed. Its been about a year and Ive just done tie rods and am picking up new duratracs and going to try a Goodyear service center this time to see if they will align it. If they don't I will just go back to...
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    I think I have a Timing issue?

    Pinging or knocking could be any number of things, unfortunately. Experienced car folks can usually tell serious problems from minor ones just by listening. Number one problem is low grade (low octane) or cheap gas. It doesn't ignite as well as the others and may lag behind the spark just a bit...
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    I think I have a Timing issue?

    That sounds like its pinging because of bad fuel.
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    fill in the gap

    THATS IT! Thanks for doing some leg work... I don't know why I couldn't find it. :thumbsup:
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    fill in the gap

    Hmm... The thread I was looking for was for Gen 3. There was pictures in it.
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    fill in the gap

    I've searched for an older thread I seen a while ago... People were putting some kind of cover to protect the engine bay near the gap of the lower control arm on their lifted Ex's. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm looking to keep the engine bay a bit cleaner.
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    Highest / Lowest Mileage

    2002 XLS, 4.0, 2wd, 158,000, still looks like new inside and out, no major issues as of yet, would trust it to Alaska and back!
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    Before and after:WHITEOUT

    Did you paint it or take it to a shop? I ask because I know that textured plastic is hard to get paint to stick to. Looks real good in the pics.
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    Before and after:WHITEOUT

    How is that white paint holding up on that bumper?
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    3rd gen pic's

    Now all you gotta do is drive in it!
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    Wanted....grille idea's 05 XLT

    I would keep it chrome like it is OR get one of those chrome vertical grills on ebay if you want it to stick out more. Looks ok as it is really!