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    gonna have to make them yourself if u really want em
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    No heat, strange noise from dash

    def blender door did mine about a year ago
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    Peeling paint

    $300 to have a dealership paint ur roof????? take it
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    2002 Speaker size

    u can make them fit, i don't think they are the right size though
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    2003 HID Conversion Help!!!

    ^^^^ agreed some times u have to flip the plug around
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    ordered a new part! any HiD's?

    U gotta do the fogs too.
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    Non ricer taillights?

    smoking taillights isn't cheap. shops get $125+ to do it. Cost of VHT and clear coat isn't cheap and the time in labor to prep spray sand and polish them adds up.
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    Cobra Rims

    not8taxi how much u lookin to get? and did u flat black the lower moldings?
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    2002 Plastic Trim PLEASE HELP!!

    krylon fusion is the way to go if u want to paint them. if u want to bring the plastic back, and not paint them, use peanutbutter. the oil in it brings the plastic back.
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    Car Alarm

    sit in the truck, close the door and lock it with your remote. when the interior lights go off hit the unlock button on the door pannel and open the door from the inside. Alarm will sound.
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    Having trouble finding shop to install mods

    265's will fit fine w/o spacers
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    FX2 decals

    if u get a copy of the design any vinyl shop should be able to cut them for you
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    Headlight bulbs

    ^^^^^ 15k HIDs?????? :thumbdwn:
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    weird noise

    got a clickin noise around 5 mph. sounds like its coming from under the truck, any ideas?
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    Antenna changes

    i beleave it plugs into the rear panel where the factory amp is
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    Amp question

    sounds like it may be time for a new amp, i had one do the same thing, ended up bein gone
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    Headlight bulbs

    do the HID conversion, nothing like it. prices have really come down on them too, wont cost much more than a set of silverstars
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    New speaker advice

    if ur gonna do infinity go with the kappa line
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    Black Paint Help

    tint the taillights.
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    Speaker terminals on a sealed enclosure

    i usually drill a hole in the box, pull the wires through, tie the speaker wire in a loose not inside the box so it cant pull out, then liquid nail around the hole.
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    Factory Amp Problem

    factory amps suck. replace it with an aftermarket or just rewire the speakers
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    Black/White Ground Wire?

    that would be my guess too^. thats what seems to be missin
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    Painted Stock Wheels - Post Pictures

    those look hot
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    Fogged Headlights?

    and ur not gonna pass mass inspection unless u know someone. what city u in?