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    Silver Lake runs this spring (Michigan or anyone close read this!)

    Well guys, its been a long time. Long story short, the explorer is gone, and the cherokee is sittin in my driveway. But never the less, I'm interested in comming on this outting with ya'll. I'll keep an eye on this post (though I admit I have not read all 10 pages of it). I'm not a for sure...
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    i want 33's!

    is it possible to do a spring over without welding ? =/
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    coil spacer part numbers ...

    will most alignment places install it? i was under the impression most require that the parts they use be from their own place, so its their own fault if they screw somthing up.
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    Cheapest, easiest installed lift.

    The Spring over makes sense. I just dont know the terms for stuff. I probably wouldnt do any kind of custom lift because i'd rather just get a kit so it'd be a lot simpler
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    Black explorers ...

    my mind isnt made up .... my budget is. Also, I dont mind the rust, i dont like the clear coat that is half gone and i cant get it painted without some kind of rust rust. and i've also decided to sell my explorer for a cherokee. dont get me wrong, i love my explorer, but from the looks of it...
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    Cheapest, easiest installed lift.

    hrmm... what did you do for the custom lift ? and how do you do a spring over ? =/
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    Cheapest, easiest installed lift.

    i was just looking on and saw that a superlift 6" kit is only 699 w/ rancho 5000's. i'm leaning towards this right now. any opinions ?
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    Cheapest, easiest installed lift.

    I'm lookin to get a 4" lift for my 91 explorer and just want some opinions on which is the easiest to install for the least price. I'm new to suspention lifts so i need somthing reasonably easy. I'm estimating that i have ~700-800 dollars to spend on the lift, possibly more. I'll worry about...
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    body lift/shackles/coil spacers

    i'm tempted to go the cheap way and do warrior shackles in the rear, coil spacers in the front, and a 2 inch body lift. i have 2 questions about his type of setup. First, what size tires do you think i'd be able to fit with this height or a lift? and second, what all do i need in order to do...
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    i want 33's!

    with 6 inches of lift ?
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    Warrior Shackle Retailers

    hrmm, ok, thanks.
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    Quick question and favor.

    oh ... equilzer .. nevermind, i was thinkin radio
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    Where to buy War shackles?

    where did you order them from ? thanks, Jeff aka Lamah
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    Dual Rear Shocks

    i'm confused ... what happend in the first 2 posts?
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    Groaning front end

    i wouldnt tighten the torsion bar nut. that is what everyone does when they say torsion twist. if you tighten it too much, you'll get some extra height ... but i think you may need an alignment. as for the sound ... no idea, sorry =/ Jeff aka Lamah
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    Monroe Reflexes, bottoming out?

    MLB: i know how yo feel. my birthday was this wednesday and i wanted to get everything working good. unfourtunatly, last saturday my turn signals went out and i have an electrical short somwhere. was supposed to be fixed tuesday, but they thought it was just the flasher unit. So it should be...
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    Warrior Shackle Retailers

    does anyone know of a site that sells warrior shakles for the explorer, but does not require that you call and make a special order ? thanks, Jeff aka Lamah
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    Fix for infamous PS pump noise?

    kinda off topic, but my power steering fluid is leaking. i cant tell exactly where its leaking from. i was looking yesterday and it seems its either from the hose comming from the pump or where the 2 metal lines connect to the unit it self. i'm not really sure how bad it is, but i'd like to fix...
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    91 XLT

    here is my Explorer: Dead Link Removed (old picture) i've had this for 8 months and just thought to put it up on here. Its a 91 XLT, 215x75x15 tires ( ;( ), V6 4.0, 171k miles. I think theres more, but i cant think of it right now =/ I'm in southeast michigan, so if anyone knows...
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    Quick question and favor.

    jason ... not sure about the sony's, but my pioneer has 3 power wires. one ground, one 12v + (always on), and a ACC wire. you want a source with continuous power or you will lose all presets/clock when you shut the car off.
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    Don't forget to Dynamat

    dynamat can make the whole difference in a sound system. darkfox: i feel ya on that one. with the current gas prices, i cant afford much else
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    gas tank size

    you can fill it up into the tube, that'll get you close to a gallon. when the nozzle clicks off, i can still get in like 3 bucks worth ... really not that much with these gas prices tho.
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    gas tank size

    k, thanks guys
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    gas tank size

    ok. i bought my explorer a while ago and every time i fill it up ... i stare in awe. its never more then like 25 or so, and this is with current gas prices. i have a 91 XLT, but i have no owners manual. anyone know what size the tank is ? thanks, jeff aka Lamah