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    Stereo acting up a little.

    Totally forgot I made this post, just been dealing with this annoying problem since then. I definitely don't think it's a loose connection with the harness - it's a pain unplugging it everytime, cuz it takes a nice amount of force to do. And everytime I plug it back in, I feel it locking back...
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    Stereo acting up a little.

    The other day I got in my truck, and my stereo was dead. With the whole panel being easy to just pull out, I reached back, unplugged the plugs, and it powered right up. I thought it was fixed, til the next time I got in the truck - had to do it again. It's not the HUGEST hassle, I mean I'm...
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    Auxiliary adapter while keeping factory radio.

    If you got a cassette player, you can use a cassette aux-in adapter which is pretty cheap, and sounds pretty decent....
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    Does anyone know what plug this is for?

    That's the speaker harness for the premium sound system (explorer)
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    Amp installation on 1997 Ford Explorer w/ premium sound?

    I've done the same thing in my 97.. The orig stock amp I have bypassed, so the deck powers the door speakers, and I have a separate amp/sub in the cargo area.. I was gonna do the install myself for the amp, but I'd never done it, and just brought it to a place.. Your 2 main issues are finding...
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    Amp wiring how many feet of wire

    What are 6 channel RCA interconnects? Just go on ebay and type '4g amp' and it will bring up all amp kits.. For example,
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    cds skipping going down road

    gotta be something wrong with it, or the cd itself... although that is a cheap brand, the way cd players are nowadays with oversampling, there's no way that should happen...
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    Amp wiring how many feet of wire

    I'd say you're totally correct.. It's the same deal with "Monster" HDMI/AV cables - paying many times more with no tangible difference in quality.. As long as the cable and RCA's have solid shielding, there's no point in paying more for a fancy name brand.. I got a complete 8g kit on ebay...
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    Amp wiring how many feet of wire

    that's way too expensive IMO
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    I need help installing my new radio.

    Yea you can get the amp bypass cable on ebay for about $10 or so, kind of a pain doing it tho, getting to the amp... Your other option would be to wire the stock amp up, there's an amp turn on wire which you connect to the power antenna wire on the deck, and an amp ground wire (on the speaker...
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    Adding an Alpine Headunit to a 2003??

    You should be fine with just the wire
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    radio shopping

    As far as sound quality, the only thing I would be looking at is RMS wattage per channel... This is in the fine print, and not the "peak" wattage in bold, which is a useless number.. Either way, it's not gonna be a big difference.
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    Need Opinions

    It's been posted before how much the factory amp for the sub puts out - I can't remember exactly, but I wanna say ~75w RMS.. It's a really wimpy power wire supplying the amp, so if you upgrade to a new amp or powered sub you definitely gotta run new power/ground wires.. Upgrading the sub alone...
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    Please Help No Sound

    Yea I can see the frustration.. I was originally using my mp3 player thru a cassette adaptor thing with the stock radio, and was happy with it.. But then all of a sudden out of nowhere, the volume on the left side speakers crapped out.. They still put out sound, but probably 25% of what they...
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    well you don't have to get to it just to get your system running for now.. you just need to connect those 2 wires i mentioned.
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    it's under the rear pass. quarter panel and you do have one. i looked on ebay at harnesses for that model range and it's the same situation as a 97. if you wanna wire the stock amp up, re-read my other post. if you want to properly bypass the amp, then you'll need something like this -...
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    1992 Ford explorer xlt premium system help!

    How do you know you don't have a stock amp? If you're not getting any sound after hooking everything up, it sounds like you do.. I'm not positive about 92's, but when you say you have a flat and square harness plug, that's the same type from my 97 which has a stock amp.. How many wires are on...
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    REPLACING A JBL SYSTEM......still confused!

    Just a little heads up - an aftermarket stereo may not even be more powerful than your current setup.. The stock amps put out 20w RMS per channel, and that's actually better than most aftermarket stereos.. When I upgraded to an aftermarket 45w "peak" per channel deck, I didn't read the fine...
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    96 Explorer w/no Radio...?

    Judging by your harness description, you had the premium non-jbl system with stock amp.. I have an F57F-19B165-CG AM/FM/cassette that I pulled outta my '97 when I upgraded, and that's a model that would work in yours (model range was '95-97).. All you gotta be looking for is the right harness...
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    96 Explorer w/no Radio...?

    His antenna lead already is in the front - but that deck is from the system where the antenna connects in the rear of the vehicle, where the actual radio tuner is located.. So if he wanted a radio with THAT particular deck, he would need the other equipment under the rear quarter panel from the...
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    96 Explorer w/no Radio...?

    I know what kind of antenna you have. But some X's have a rear tuner system, where the lead for the antenna goes to the back of the vehicle where the stock amp is located. If that deck has no input for the antenna, then that's the system it's from apparently.
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    96 Explorer w/no Radio...?

    I think you have the deck from the system where the radio tuner is in the back, where the stock amp is.. Are you getting any sound at all, with the CD player at least?
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    Adding new speakers, quick question

    So you want 2 more speakers, in addition to the 4 speakers already in the doors? If you tap into the existing wiring, then yea you're cutting into the power, decreasing what the current speakers get.. I read your other thread where you said you're just using the stock deck for the speakers, so...
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    98 Explorer XLT radio installation issues.

    If you do have the 97 setup (with the rectangle and square harness plugs), all you gotta do is connect the 2 wires for the stock amp.. The amp ground is the 9th wire on the square plug which you can just ground with the main ground connec.. Then there's an amp turn-on wire on the rectangle plug...
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    Aftermarkjet Radio illumination

    I think the deal is, illumination wires are specifically for stock decks where they do serve a purpose, but it's just a redundant wire w/ an aftermarket stereo.. The dimmer wire could possibly serve a purpose (if it does even work with the new deck), by dimming the stereo when the headlights are...