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  1. swetrid

    Picked up an '03 XLT...needs some work...

    I will do the job for cheap if you want to come to PA!
  2. swetrid

    O2 sensor: upstream or downstream?

    Driver side closest to manifold.
  3. swetrid

    Coolant leak, what is this part?

    There shouldn't be green coolant in there to begin with but 06 always needs radiator and a pcm update to correct the coolant leak.
  4. swetrid

    What is this little blinking light?

    It is part of an aftermarket alarm system.
  5. swetrid

    Service Engine Soon P0172

    This business humbles you, I don't say no to any possibility anymore. I have seen way too many odd things over the years. I would have pcm updated first which I about $45-$75 at most dealerships.
  6. swetrid

    Service Engine Soon P0172

    It could be the o2 sensor, Ford had a tsb to reprogram the pcm for rich codes on 2004 model year.
  7. swetrid

    ABS Code C1198

    C1198 has to do with left front isolation valve which is part of the HCU(hydraulic control unit). Unless you have a wiring problem the HCU is bad.
  8. swetrid

    Help! - Leaking warm water near trans (Picture of source)

    That is the ac drain, nothing to worry about.
  9. swetrid

    Is Motorcraft Replacement Battery A Good Choice?

    We also called the Walmart batteries Neverstarts. I would only install Motorcraft or Interstate!
  10. swetrid

    shifting issue 01 Sport

    Check engine light? Any codes? Not a very common problem on 2nd gen models.
  11. swetrid

    98 Explorer AC Blows Hot, even when off.

    The physical blend door is broken and was very common on 2nd generation models. Dash removal and replacement of the heater box will be necessary unless you try some aftermarket kit.
  12. swetrid

    YEP....another 06 radiator leak...any solutions to this problem?

    Ford has a PCM update which was required when a radiator was replaced on the 06-07 models. It has to do with cooling fan strategy I believe.
  13. swetrid

    Clicking when accelerating?

    Front Driveshaft?
  14. swetrid

    01 explorer driveline vibration? PLEASE HELP possible axle problem

    The in and out play of rear axles is completely normal. Your symptoms definitely seem like a u-joint problem. There should be no play at all in a u-joint.
  15. swetrid

    transmission jerking into second

    1-2 accumulator springs break and cause a harsh shift. Very common on on older 4r70w transmissions.
  16. swetrid

    Truck bucking during acceleration - smooth idle

    This applies to Ranger which is same thing so I think this is your problem. Printable View (36 KB) TSB 05-22-12 BUCK/JERK AND MISS DURING DRIVE CYCLE ABOVE 3000 RPM - NO DTC - 3.0L 2V GAS AND FFV ENGINE Publication Date: October 25, 2005 FORD: 2000-2003 Taurus, Ranger MERCURY...
  17. swetrid

    oil leak but dont see any signs of it

    It probably needs an oil pressure sending unit, they are known not to read for the first few minutes of engine operation.
  18. swetrid

    Does a 07 Ford Escape have a tranmission filter?

    If it needs a filter the trans will need to be overhauled or replaced because of a failure.
  19. swetrid

    Driver side exhaust manifold v8

    Good luck we used to kringe when these came in for exhaust leaks. Usually the RS manifold warps or the front studs break off.
  20. swetrid

    Had to get rid of her

    I finally had to let go of my 2001 Explorer. It was pretty good over the years but recently had alot of issues. The transmission finally took a dump after 140K miles and had to just recently replace the RS exhaust manifold, driver door latch, LF wheel bearing, AC compressor and LF upper control...
  21. swetrid

    Please don't tell me the tranny is shot

    Probably has codes p0733 and p0775. It is usually servo piston/case wear problem.
  22. swetrid

    The sulphur smell cannot be fixed, see invoice

    New tsb for this problem. Printable View (51 KB) TSB 12-8-8 3.5L TI-VCT - FOUL ODOR FROM COOLING SYSTEM - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 7/9/2012 Publication Date: August 14, 2012 FORD: 2012-2013 Explorer ISSUE: Some 2012-2013 Explorer vehicles equipped with a 3.5L TI-VCT engine and...
  23. swetrid

    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    Ford just came out with tsb for foul smells. Printable View (51 KB) TSB 12-8-8 3.5L TI-VCT - FOUL ODOR FROM COOLING SYSTEM - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 7/9/2012 Publication Date: August 14, 2012 FORD: 2012-2013 Explorer ISSUE: Some 2012-2013 Explorer vehicles equipped with a...
  24. swetrid

    1996 5.0 AWD P0174, what order to troubleshoot?

    That O2 sensor is usually covered in oil from oil pan/rear main seal leaks. I would start there and see if it comes back.