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  1. K

    How Ford Lost a New Customer

    Hello everyone, as many of you have noted, CPO cars certainly don’t stand for much regardless of brand - a lesson I have now learned the hard way. While the rust is irritating, that is not the reason Ford has lost me as a customer. My frustrations are that I had a Ford dealer deny warranty...
  2. K

    How Ford Lost a New Customer

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest ownership experience regarding my CPO 2014 Explorer Sport. When purchased, the liftgate was misaligned which Washington Ford in Washington, PA graciously allowed me to expense the realignment due to the issue existing upon pick up. Fast forward 7...
  3. K

    Replace the mirror turn signal / blinker light strip

    Does anyone else have the copy of a service manual for this repair? I reached out to jmr061 but he no longer will forward service procedures.
  4. K

    Squeaky Power Moonroof Shade

    My 2015 Sport has been suffering from a very loud squeak from the sunshade. Luckily I keep mine open most of the time, but it is still irritating. Today I lubed the ends of the roller with both synthetic grease and spray lubricant. It made it much improved but there is still a noticeable...