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    Where to find a body lift for a 1998 2wd?

    You could use the older model kit and jerry-rig it. I think, but im not sure, you can use a 98 Ranger body lift.
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    Lift on a 91xlt advice needed

    Hey you could still use a body lift. They are pretty cheap and easy to put on yourself if you have the time. Should run you anywhere from $70-$100. If you're on a tight budget and still want a lift, this is the way to go.
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    Do they make 32 9.5s? I have been looking everywhere for 32 10.5s cause i dont want to change wheels. If you can find them, they would fit.
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    HeLp nEeDeD!!!

    Hey guys I'm in College Station, live in San antonio, we should go wheelin some time. As for the body lifts, go for it. They're really easy to do. The shifting business is somewhat true. Its not really a shift, but a sway. Even if your bolts are tight, you should feel your body sway when...
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    I would go with performance body lifts. They probably dont differ much from trailmaster or cepek. They come with everything you need, plus detailed instructions. Should run you close to $100. Dont be too hesistant about spending that much. The explorer lift is relatively cheap. My brothers...
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    Performance Accesories Questions

    Body lifts usually come with everything they need. Sometimes they dont come with bumper brackets. Installation is relatively easy if you follow directions and have the tools. As for the steering link, if it doesn't come with one, you most likely dont need it. However, because of the body...
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    OFF SET????????

    If I put 32 11.50s, or 10.50s, on factory 15"7" wheels, will it create any off set?
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    front end lift

    cool, thanks, let me know when you get those pictures
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    will they fit

    Can I fit 32" 10.50 or 11.50 on the factory 15"7" wheels? Will this create any offset?
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    4 wheelin?

    Anybody located in Texas that would want to wheelin some time? I live in San Antonio, go to school in College Station. Gig em aggies.
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    What is there to a Lift ?

    In that case, I would definitly find someone who knows what they are doing. It can be done without paying someone else. It takes more time, (took me three days) and takes many types of tools. Make sure that you follow all directions exactly. But dont try to figure it out yourself, believe...
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    front end lift

    hey bigcheck, where did you get your coil spacers? are they the round rubber deals that look like big hockey pucks. I've used metal deals you stick in between your coils. They didn't do a thing. Can you do that torsion bar twist with the earlier explorers? P.S. You have a sweet...
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    front end lift

    I need help in finding a way to lift front end! I have a 3" body. I know i can use add a leaf or shackles for back. I've tried coil boosters before, sucked. What else can i do with out a full blown sus. lift? Has anybody tried lifting blocks for the back. Saw them in pepboys yesterday.
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    What is there to a Lift ?

    Body lifts a simple. They take a little while but are not worth paying an installation charge. I did my first lift on my 98 F-150, a couple years ago. I have to tell you that it is pretty nerve wracking. Jacks slipped and parts didn't fit. In the end it was a bada$$ truck. Since then, i...
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    tires and wheels?

    help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need some help. I have a just put a 3" body lift on 91 explorer. I am a college student, so naturally i don't have a lot to spend. I have no idea what back spacing is, i just want my tires to stick out past body a couple of inches. Can this be done with factory...