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    New brakes for the Explorer today

    i should have taken a picture of the driver side inner pad. It was noticeably thinner from what I think was some dragging due to corrosion on the caliper bracket.
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    New brakes for the Explorer today

    Hi all. Sharing some information and pictures from the front brake job I did on my 2017 XLT this AM. Removed front stock rotors and pads at 61,800 today and replaced with Wagner E-shield rotors and Bosh Quietcast pads. Quality of the new parts seems good. The OE parts were showing their age...
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    First post - let's talk PTU

    when I bought my 2017 new, the PTU was leaking almost right away. Had it repaired, seals replaced that is, and have not experienced any issues since. PTU still in good shape. Hopefully you’ll be okay if you can get someone to make the fix and refill the PTU…
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    2.3 ecoboost

    You never know when they’ll be back…. I lurk 👀 on a number of forums without posting :popcorn:
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    2.3 Ecoboost carbon build up

    I don’t think Ford has an induction service for ecoboost engines yet. My 2.3 has 65,000ish miles and no signs of issues thankfully, but it would be great to have a periodic preventative maintenance we could do to keep the engine humming along…
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    2.3 ecoboost

    I have the 2.3l ecoboost in our Lincoln mkc and really like it. Runs great on 87 regular fuel, so save some money and give it a try. Definitely want to use synthetic oil, but I’d be careful about taking the oci too long. I try not to go beyond 6,500 miles myself. I’ll bet you have the 6f35...
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    PTU and Water Pump failures for 2012/2016-up Explorers?

    At 43,000 miles, my 2017 with 3.5 NA still going strong. I did a PTU fluid drain and refill last summer and the fluid was still amber colored. The plug had a lot of shavings though. I have the tow package which is why I think I have the extra air baffle that directs cool air onto the PTU...
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    Transmission Fluid Changes

    I have the 2017 version with same set-up. I did the first drain and refill at 35,000 miles and the fluid was dark red. I plan to do another one or two this summer at 43,000 to get a larger percentage of the original fluid out. I’m not at all concerned about the filter/screen as I’m trying to...
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    Time for tires

    in the mid-Atlantic where I live the Michelin Defender LTX was the best combination of features I could find and promise long life. Had them on for a year so far with no regrets.
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    How the OEM Oil Cooler works, on a 2018 with the 3.5 V6

    Always wondered that myself. Thanks for sharing.
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    Oil dripping off oil filter

    My 2017 Explorer 3.5 NA is doing this now and it is extremely frustrating. I changed the oil earlier this summer and oil is already dripping off the end of the filter and making spots on my driveway. The filter is snug and this is at least the third time this has happened. I've used...
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    Trans fluid replace interval?

    The manual says 150,000 miles. Some have suggested Doing a drain and refill every 30,000 miles to keep the fluid fresh. I plan on following the latter because I like to use the ST full syn Mercon LV to replace the older fluid and more importantly I like working on my car 🚙😛
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    How many miles does your 5th gen Explorer have?

    2017 Explorer XLT 3.5L has just over 38,000 miles. Other than a long summer vacation trip, the miles have really slowed down due to working from home since March.
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    Corroded Battery Terminal / Cable

    Hi all. A public service announcement to routine check and clean your battery terminal. I started having some weird electrical issues and slow starts so I checked the battery and the positive terminal was covered with blue corrosion. I started to clean the battery but couldn’t get the...
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    2017 Ford Explorer - Exterior trim pieces in horrible shape

    I have a 2017 XLT and I’m also getting worried about the trim on the outside. The plastics do seem to poorly fit... I hand wash mine, so I’m careful with these area...
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    Found the Explorer.... but its a Buy Back?

    Glad to hear that you found that other PERFECT vehicle. Welcome to the club! :chug:
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    What is this I found in my air filter box?

    I just changed the air filter on my MKC and found like 10 acorns an some shells at the bottom of the air filter housing...caught me by surprise :eek:
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    Found the Explorer.... but its a Buy Back?

    Clearly there was something that made the original owner take the steps to get Ford to buy the car back. It could be nothing, but if you buy it you are taking a risk that you’ll have to deal with some unknown underlying issue that could rear its head again. I doubt that Ford will buy the car...
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    Front end clunk shifting out of park

    Until recently my 2017 has done the same exact thing. 37,000 on mine. I actually did start putting the parking brake on each night because the sound went right through me. I recently drained the transmission and refilled with 5 quarts of supertech Mercon LV. Hasn’t made the noise since. Not...
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    6F55 trans drain and fill

    Hi there. I did this on my 2017 Explorer XLT last month and it drained exactly 5 quarts, so I refilled with 5 quarts and checked. Since our model has a dipstick, we can easily check the level and adjust as needed...
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    OEM Or Aftermarket Brakes? Recommendations.

    I'm a fan of Wagner pads. There are a number of versions that fit our Explorers and I have used ThermoQuiet with good success. I currently have the Wagner OEx on my Lincoln MKC. Put them on yesterday and am in the process of breaking them in now. So far so good... I pretty much stick with...
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    Repairs so far. 1 year ownership next month

    Holy smokes! Your Explorer seems to have so many of the issues we dread as owners. What are the chances🤔
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    Do I really need to check the transmission fluid level after I change it?

    Thanks! Love forums like this, especially when people are active🍻
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    Ford ESP at dealer cost to forum members

    Thanks for posting this information. I had no idea that dealers were selling online at a discount. I called Fords direct ESP sales line and was really discouraged by their quotes. I was ready to give up until I saw this post. I was down to less than 200 miles on the factory warranty when I...
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    Do I really need to check the transmission fluid level after I change it?

    Yes, always a best practice to check the fluid level after a change. I did the drain and refill on my 2017 yesterday and it was so easy. I can easily reach the dipstick on my tranny without removing anything. Just have to wear a long rubber glove to protect my arm when checking the fluid...