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  1. Z

    Hello Again!

    Not quite a new member, but it's been 4.5 years, so figured I'd reintroduce myself. Was on here (and got some wonderful help from many people) for a couple of years until my 2002 Exploder did, or rather the 5-speed auto did. I traded it, with disclosure of "a" transmission problem, and moved...
  2. Z

    Stolen key, dealership says can't disable remote door entry - please help!

    This comment is based on vague recollection, so it may not be worth the electrons used to display it... (consider that my disclaimer please) IIRC from my time at a dealer, the system can remember up to 8 keys/remotes. that said, if a 9th is programmed, #1 should drop out. So if this is the...
  3. Z

    I bid you a fond farewell (For Now)

    TracMarks, he's not the only one to trade in on a lease. I also had to abandon my Explorer this month due to repair bills. I had hoped to try and sell it privately to get a little more out of it, but I didn't have the time to fix it up marginally, and trying to sell when it needs major work...
  4. Z

    Explorer 4.6L Oil?

    always got mine at Walmart. If you can't find it there, wait ten minutes for another shipment to arrive! lol
  5. Z

    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    I ended up with a 2015 Hyundai Elantra GL with the 6-speed manual. Between the stick and the 5 year warranty on a 5 year lease, I don't think I'll ever have to worry about a transmission problem out of my pocket again. Now we have two vehicles in warranty (my wife's RAV has it for another 3.5...
  6. Z

    Yes, the trucks have feelings too!

    BINGO!!!! At least when I offered it to them, it was with a clear conscience - I told them about the rust hole behind the Eddie Bauer trim on the wheel well, and about the transmission (honest disclosure - "have to lift to get it to shift out of first" as I really don't know EXACTLY what the...
  7. Z

    Yes, the trucks have feelings too!

    Well, I'm divorcing. From my Explorer. My eyes had started to wander, thinking about those lighter, shaplier younger models with fewer "issues" and which wouldn't eat me out of house and home. I was killing time with my son one night, and had taken him to see a classic fire truck at a local...
  8. Z

    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    Well, I solved my transmission problem! I traded the truck. I realized last week after the above post that I didn't have time anymore to fiddle and fart around with the blasted thing. Ford's engineers and accountants should be taken to task for having built the transmission the way they...
  9. Z

    Help 2002 Explorer V6 4.0L SOHC 180,000 KMS

    If you have never done these services before, for the fuel filter, plugs, wires, and certainly brakes, PLEASE for your wallet's sake, make sure you have someone with you who has done these repairs before. Definitely the brakes. You don't want your audition for brake jobs to be on a 4700 lb...
  10. Z

    Help Diagnose "Jumpy" Belt Tensioner (VIDEO)

    I'm glad to hear everything was done properly - some people forget that coolant can make a belt slip. However, I meant to spin each pulley by hand to check its motion, not it's surface. Let's say your power steering pump has a catch in its impeller as it spins within the pump - you can't see...
  11. Z

    New to me 2004 Explorer

    Sorry Reklaw - I'm a little bit bitter right now, as that's what I'm looking at. I think I'm about to leave the explorer owners' club... had it with older vehicles needing upkeep and repair, think I'm going to get a new smaller car/CUV with a 4-cyl. Unless of course I can find a...
  12. Z

    New to me 2004 Explorer

    2nd/overdrive in the transmission. Steel piston sliding against an aluminum bore - what could go wrong? The bore will eventually become oblong, and will allow fluid to seep past, preventing the application of the 2nd/overdrive band. This will leave you without 2nd/5th and could leave a $2500...
  13. Z


    cut/damaged wires or bad amplifier. Trace your wires back to the amp, then see what you find. If nothing, you may have a bad amp. Or, you may have a bad speaker... trial and error.
  14. Z

    Help Diagnose "Jumpy" Belt Tensioner (VIDEO)

    remove the belt and try to spin each accessory pulley by hand. Any indications of snags or catching? could be that the belt is driving fine, until it gets to a snag on one of the accessories, then skips. Also, after coolant spraying everywhere, while the belt is off clean each pulley with...
  15. Z

    stalls when fuel is low..?

    may want to check if the pickup fell off, or if the slosh-prevention shield (part of the tank, around the pump/pickup) is still present in the gas tank. Was the tank replaced recently with a 3rd party unit?
  16. Z

    Wheel bearing noise?

    cv joint or hub/bearing. I also bought (yet to install) a bearing from a no-name 3rd party supplier and have yet to install it. Guy I bought from said he sold his truck because it kept eating bearings... well no wonder if you keep using the same stuff. I know going in that it's low-cost, so...
  17. Z

    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    OK then. Just finished out in the driveway, and I'll tell you it's not a fun job to try and do on your back. Got everything out of the way to start doing the band adjustment, and tried to back off the lock nut - do you think that little bugger would budge from the set screw? NO WAY. Tried...
  18. Z

    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    So Labour day weekend came and went, but weather wasn't co-operating, so I had to wait, and my work shed was still in progress. Now, the shed is done, and ready for a project. (gee, i wonder what I should do first?) I'm planning to get under the truck on Saturday to see how the adjustment...
  19. Z

    2002 V8 software updates/gains?

    My 02 4.6 has a tag that says a PCM update was installed in 2005. If there was only one update, I'd presume it came out around that time. Have a look in the engine bay for a ford sticker, indicating if the truck was flashed. If not, you may want to talk to your local dealer, to see if it's...
  20. Z

    Fuel Mileage, Open to everyone

    Gotta say, in hills, if you're getting 16/19 you're doing pretty good. Although half of your driving is downhill! Seriously though, it's close to what I get with my 02 4.6 (3.55). I get 15-16 city, where the stop lights are perfectly spaced to make you stop once you get up to the speed limit...
  21. Z

    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    I went and apologised to mine - had been thinking about selling for a 4-cyl SUV, so my exploder got jealous and decided to blow the transmission as i left a used car lot. They DO have feelings folks!
  22. Z

    Transmission Question

    Call your local dealer and give them the VIN. They will be able to tell you right away. Dollars to doughnuts you have the 5R55S.
  23. Z

    Thoughts on this Explorer

    3.5% would be nice. Heck, I'd be happy to have 7%! we're sitting at 13% here in Ontario, and given how our gov't spends, I wouldn't be surprised to hit 15% again (we had been there a few years ago, but it was reduced, which made a lot of people happy!) Enjoy the new truck!
  24. Z

    delayed 1-2 shift, no lockup over 70 km/h

    sweet! just found out that the OD band will be less than $50. That definitely puts it in the affordable category. The 12L of fluid, and a new filter, with some gaskets, and I should be smiling. That said, once it passes the test drive after the repair, it's getting a for sale sign! If it...
  25. Z

    Cruise Control

    how about a kink in the exhaust? A whistle is often airflow-related, and my first thought would have been wind noise from the roof rack cross bars, but he said it was less if he lifted off the throttle. (believe it or not, our 2012 RAV4 has a sticker on the rack's rail indicating where to put...