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    33" tires and 3.73gears

    does anyone have a part number for a set of 4.56 gears for the front axle, dana 35 IFS? Its going in a 98 sport
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    OME springs

    4wheelparts I called 4wheelparts too. Besides the springs, they also told me that there is not a suspension lift manufacturer for my explorer, yet they have it available on their website. The trailmaster one. So I dont know how likely I would be to belive what they do or dont have. They dont...
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    OME springs

    I have not been able to find a dealer to order these springs from. Is there a number to call or website to order them from, like 4wheelparts, or desertrat? I dont see that theese guys deal the OME springs though. Thanx
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    OME springs

    Yeah, I have shackles on it all ready. It is that monoleaf, so add a leafs are out of the question. The front still sits up about an inch and a half higher. Maybe the leafs from a four door would work, I could add a leaf to those. Will leafs from any year model 4 door explorer work, or does it...
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    OME springs

    I have a 98 explorer sport, and can not seem to find any leaf springs by OME that will raise it up 2 inches. Does anyone have a part number, or know somewhere where I can order them from? Thanks.
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    I dont know if they do or not. A friend of mine is getting them for his isuzu, and I thought it would be cool if they had them for the explorer.
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    Ahhh the questions...........What exactly is a ball joint spacer? I saw on some websites that you get a little lift from using these things. I am not sure how they work or if they are cheap or not. Do they make these things for the 98 sport? Where can I find them?
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    quick disconects ?

    I am looking for quick disconects for my front sway bar only, for my 98 sport. I have the rear disconected, and really dont want to make my own quick disconects for the front, unless I have absolutely no other option. Anyone know of a manufacturer for this product? I have seen universal quick...
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    Late model Lift/Tire problems

    They dont have spindle lifts for a they? I am pretty sure they dont. If they do tell me where.
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    Late model Lift/Tire problems

    I have a 98 sport with a 3 inch body lift, the Torsion bar twisted, and shackles in the rear. I am running 33 inch tires right now with no problems. Trailmaster has a 4 inch suspension lift for this explorer, kinda pricey, but its available.
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    procomp part #

    I was wondering if the procomp es3000 shocks, part number 324509, would work on the back of my explorer that is lifted about 2 inches? It is a 98 sport. I bought a set for the rear yesterday , different part number, at 4wheelparts and they gave me a pair that they were certain would work...
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    JC Whitney

    yup I ordered my PA body lift from them. I got it sooner than expected, and it was shipped in good condition. Besides the fact that they try to sell you some special offers when you make your order I had no problem.
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    prerunner bumper

    I am not sure where to post this exactly, but I have not been able to locate a prerunner style bumper for my 98 X. I like the looks of the smittybilt ones, but They dont make one for the X. Maybe one from a ranger will fit, who knows. Anyone here know where to get a hold of, and maybe order one...
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    americanracing baja's

    Does anyone here have the american racing baja series wheels on their X's. I am looking for 15x8s with less than 4 inches of backspacing on them. I went to their website but I am not sure if they have them for an X with those specifications.
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    tires with lift ?

    I know you guys have answered this question before I am sure. I have a 98 sport 4x4 and plan on putting just a 3 inch body lift and doing the TT/ and shackles. With just these mods alone would I be able to run 33/12.5's on a 15 x 8 inch wheel ? I dont mind a little inner fender trimming if I...
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    complete rear leaf lift springs?

    I am looking to lift the back of my explorer about 3 inches. It all ready sits a little lower in the back than in the front, so I am wanting to put in new leaf springs to lift it about 3 inches. I dont really want to fuss with an add a leaf, and I would rather not use shackles. Does anyone hear...
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    professional body lift help???

    Cool man, I really apreciate the help. Does the 3 inch body lift for the ranger require fabbing of any brackets to fit the X? And do I need any other parts like a steering shaft extension or anything else like that? I want to get this done within the next week or two. Thanx again.
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    trailmaster lift

    Also wondering if Anyone knew if the new 4 inch trailmaster lift would work on the 2dr sport model, I was told that it was only for the 4 doors. I cant find the kit on trailmasters website. I am just looking to put a good suspension lift and a body lift on my explorer, and all I have found was...
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    professional body lift help???

    I am looking for a body lift for my 98 explorer sport 2dr 4x4. I went to a few shops and looked on here for a 3 inch body kit, but I can not find a manufacturer or a part number for it. I see some of the explorers on here have body lifts, I cant find one for mine. I am hoping someone knows a...