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    Bumper lift problems

    are you talking about moving the bumper up after a body lift? and if so, do you mean the stock bumper brackers are wrong or the aftermarket ones?
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    Pics from Lincolnton Playground - NC

    nice pics, yea i would say all that was for the guys with the big bucks
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    Who is this? Pics

    yea i would like to know the specs of it
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    Who is this? Pics

    do you think he's stuck ;)
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    Manual Locking Hubs!

    you can get the warn "conversion kit" for around 7 bucks a bag if you just call 4wheelparts and tell them the part number 28068X. get one bag for each side. thats what i did. saved me some money. same thing but without the cardboard box.:D this is were i first found the info...
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    possible project, but a few questions first

    say around 4 or 5 psi and you shouldnt have to worry about a piston coming through the block. but it would probably be a good idea like you said to do an engine overhaul, if you only upgraded the pistons and rings. Of course if you wanted to run more psi you could get forged pistons and crank...
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    CopyKat's Copy Cat B4

    like everyone else said that's a nice lookin truck :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    where in hp do you live, i go to charlotte but i come home about every 3 weeks, if you need help and im home give me a shot and ill see if i cant give some help
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    Radio not working

    fuse maybe??? im not really sure, might try to ask in the audio section.
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    gas gauge paradox

    ahh, the infamous gas gauge (almost everyone has a problem whith it sometime, for those who own a 1st gen) i dont know why your gauge only works when the truck starts up, but i can give you somethings that might be causing it not to work. It could be (and i would check first) is the wires behind...
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    broken fuel gauge

    wow thats amazing what is that like 18 miles a gallon (i need to know the secret:D :D )
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    rear shock mounts

    Kind of confusing, but you are using the 4" lift up front and do an soa in the rear? if you are doing an soa, you do know that it will give you about 5-6 inchs of lift, depending on how your leaf springs are. but what most people do is take the rear sway bar off (which is useless anyway) and...
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    sea foam my new friend

    i read that thing from the first post to the last post, and it locks like that everyone agreed that for the sohc the best place was to use was the iac line,or the line under the throtle body. But since the ohv engines dont have the iac is the bb line the best place? it seems that everyone still...
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    Help me

    this happens when its in park? i have never heard of any explorer doing this before. maybe someone will jump in with a explanation
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    which locking hubs 2 buy?

    yea i was very happy as well, when i found that post. i couldnt belive how much 4wheelparts was charging for basically a cardboard box, when they got the same thing for 30-40 bucks less.
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    which locking hubs 2 buy?

    you can get the warn "conversion kit" for around 7 bucks a bag if you just call 4wheelparts and tell them the part number 28068X. get one bag for each side. thats what i did. saved me some money this is were i first found the info...
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    Is this company still around ?

    that 2nd gen explorer is SplashMan try to i.m him
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    How many O2 sensors ?

    have you changed the spark plugs and wires
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    Mechanix's going solid.

    are you going to be useing anything else from the 150, transfer-case, engine swap? and also what type of suspension are you going to run?
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    One more gear question...

    wow 350:1 :thumbsup: thats goin to be nice, you might not even have to press on the gas to get up those rocks:D how are you going to do dual trans? will they turn together? if you figure how to do it, you are going to have to do a write up with lotttts of pics:thumbsup:
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    1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer: What's it worth?

    yea i would say you would only get about 500-700 bucks for it, you might get more money if you part it out.
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    One more gear question...

    thats pretty cool stuff, i didnt even know something like that was out there
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    One more gear question...

    yea it is deff. not worth the trouble to change pumkins. just think, it will probably take a couple of hours to take the front off and then 2 more to put it back on (just because of all the stuff you have to take off first). and then you will have to buy new gear oil and axle seals every time...
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    show off your LIFTED truck

    nice truck, you could of fitted 32s, it looks like
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    How many O2 sensors ?

    nope 91-92/93 has only one (i forgot which one) in 94 ford changed to 2 o2 sensors the first in the driver side manifold sencond is in the y-pipe