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    Temperature Gauge spikes for 10 secs, then returns to Normal range

    same problem with spike. im going to try a new thermostat tomorrow. i know we have seperate tranny cooler, but you think this might be adding to my tranny overheating problems. it dumps out trans fluid someitmes
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    Overheating Tranny - How bad is bad?

    Wow , what a story. I have found new symptoms and tried some repairs. i have edited the original post to include these updates. i really hope i can figure this out! new thermostat going in tomorrow to try and solve the new temp spike
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    Overheating Tranny - How bad is bad?

    i purchased this car a month ago for a winter beater (4 month car then sell) dont want to invest anything. i have a tranny that was originally leaking from overflow valves on top after 10 minutes of winter driving. i replaced the tranny pan it was dented slightly restricting the intake. this...
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    Airbag Code 53. No stereo or instrumentl cluster working

    ahh this chart contradicts the others i have found. it is for a 2000. crash sensors? 12=Low Battery Voltage 13=Air Bag Circuit Shorted to Ground 14=Primary Crash Sensor Circuit Shorted to Ground 21=Safing Sensor Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly 22=Safing Sensor Output Shorted to Battery Voltage...
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    Airbag Code 53. No stereo or instrumentl cluster working

    i wish i knew where to download a 03 repair manual. i have been searching for days!
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    Airbag Code 53. No stereo or instrumentl cluster working

    After parking my car at the gym this fine winter i returned and my air bag warning came on with code 53. The stereo and gauge / instrument cluster do not work aswell. i purchased the car a month ago used. it has been in accidents and has a replaced tranny. from what i have read it means Air...
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    Heated Seats

    wow i hope i dont get an airbag in my face! glad i read up on that i would def not have disconnected the battery. but i plan on switching the switches first before i even break out the volt meter. thanks for posting the wiring diagram anyways!
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    Relocating stock heated seat switch?

    why dont you just take the button out, cut the power wire and connect it to an aftermarket switch and then run the power wire back to the OEM button. If its a constant push on push off type you can leave it on "On" . if its the other Push to signal a module type (module under seat) then i would...
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    Heated seat switch.

    my 03 EB heated seat wont turn off despite pushing the button, no indication lights either on gauge cluster or switch. going to have to trouble shoot this problem also before my rear end develops warts. lol this looks useful guide for no power...
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    Transmission Flush How To

    thank you sir, you have just hammered the nail on the head with that last post.
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    are all tranny filters the same? 5R55W 5R55S 5R55E ECT?

    they are not all the same. links below to vendors. only summit seems to ship to canada shipping is 17$...
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    Transmission Flush How To

    i have 220km. no prevent mait. i definately think i should do a filter swap and partial flush! no problems yet, but i think its about time i swap the fluid out! am i wrong?
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    are all tranny filters the same? 5R55W 5R55S 5R55E ECT?

    i went into the local Canadian Tire store and asked for a filter. their records show 4 speed & 14 or 18 screw gaskets for pan. iM pretty sure i have a 5 speed. or is it 4 + Overdrive? i have a 5r55S. how do i make sure i get the right filter? are they the same for all variations like 5r55E and...
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    Just bought explorer 224km. What maitenance should i do?

    Hi, i just bought an 03 explorer 4.0 with 224 km to drive this winter in Toronto Canada. It currently has a low oil light and service engine soon light on. I pick up the car tomorrow. What type of service or matinence should i do to help make sure it lasts through the tough winters i have...