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    Can't Get Any Heat

    i'm no expert, but have you checked your thermostat?
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    How fast in 4x4

    could you guys stop *****in' about Obama? take it somewhere else, were trying to discuss 4WD. anyway, i use 4WD hi when cruising on snowy roads and i usually go no faster than 35mph, 40 tops so unless unless 2WD is not an option (broken, etc...) i would keep it under 60 on 4WD.
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    Here is something a little cool! (Board)

    hmm, i'd rather have the damagd one cus even though it's damaged, it doesn't look too hard to make it half-way decent. besides, i'm not into the shiny "bling bling" wheels on the white one.
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    New Explorer Concept revealed

    I'd choose my 2nd gen any day over that, even if it is more fuel efficient. I think ford motor company has ruined the meaning of SUV.
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Is There Any Way Of Doing This To A 2nd Gen?
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    Aussie Trucks

    that thing is sweet looking!
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    P1260 Alarm going off sporadically

    have you ever thought that someone might be trying to break into your X at 2:30 in the morning?
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    2007 Ranger SORV with factory Snorkel?

    i would think they would be popular here in north america. or maybe they cold make an explorer SORV.
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    mine has about 192,000 miles (309,000 km). there's a few leaks her and there but it's still running strong without any problems which is pretty good considering it's been moving a family of 5 for over 10 years.
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    97 Explorer

    until you find out whats wrong with it, drive cautiously. that light could mean anything from a loose wire (like mine) to a serious problem that can cause the tranny to blow at any moment.
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    is it gonna be totaled?

    it looks drivable. if it still drives without any problems, i would just remove the bumper, adjust the headlights, and and continue driving it and buy a new bumper and grill. it looks really easy to repair on your own. i'm not sure how much a bumper and grill will cost, but i'm sure it's a lot...
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    New headlight bulbs

    i put them in my X about a few months ago, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
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    high oil pressure

    i'm no expert, but maybe you put too much oil in.
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    wont go above 60mph

    maybe it's stuck in 4WD. i think the top speed when in 4WD is about 55 or 60.
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    snorkel install on 97 5.0

    out of all the "snorkel install" posts that i've seen, this has got to be the easies design yet.
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    4x4 not working, lights on dash not on!

    I'm no expert, but usually when something goes wrong with the 4WD system, the 4WD light would flash, but since nothing is happening, i would check the fuse.
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    Need extra light?

    HOLY ****! I counted 20, are there any more hidden on that truck?
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    100k Pic

    you'll most likely make it to 200k, mine is at 190k and still runnin' strong.
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    Lumbar Support Switch

    No, It's All On One Fuse. There Is Only One Plug That Goes Into The Seat That Powers All The Functions Of The Seat. Mine Stopped Working Too.
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    HELP electrical gremlin.....

    fuse 15 on the driver side is for the air bag system and the instrument cluster, fuse 12 in the driver side is for the wiper washer so you owe me $1 budwich. fuse 14 in the PDB is for the ignition so maybe the ignition switch is bad and causing all those problems.
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    98 Explorer Mystery Warning Light

    when you get in an accident:roll: , the "FUEL RESET" light will come on indicating that the fuel shut off switch has been tripped to prevent gas from going into the engine or something like that. the reset switch is under the dash on the passenger side and it's red.
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    98 Explorer Mystery Warning Light

    what year explorer did you find that in because i just looked in my 97 X and i didn't find any of those.
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    98 Explorer Mystery Warning Light

    I know for a fact that there isn't a light like that in the instrument cluster
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    CA - AZ "newbie run" Truck Haven Oct. 20

    cus i'm only 16 and too lazy to get a licence, but now i'm regretting it. also, angels camp is nice in the spring, not the 105 degree, dead dry grass everywhere environment of summer.
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    CA - AZ "newbie run" Truck Haven Oct. 20

    dang, i wish i could go, i don't have a licence and it's over 450 miles away. i looks so fun.