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    5R55W Overheat?

    Given the cost to replace a 5R55W, I would have the tranny fluid changed asap, and not by a Goodyear/Jiffylube/Firestone place but by a professional that will stand behind their work. Tranny fluid color is one indicator, but not a totally reliable one. If you want to keep it running and...
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    After 14 years of Explorers . . .

    You're too kind. Back at you!:salute:
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    After 14 years of Explorers . . .

    1997 XLT from May 97 to May 2002, followed by 2002 Limited from May 2002 to yesterday. Sold the 2002 yesterday after over 9 years, 117K miles, and with few problems of note. As new empty nesters we didn't have a need for it anymore, particularly over here. A shout out to all the helpful...
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    Weird parking brake problem(s), one fixed so far

    This is not related to the rear pads, I replaced the OEM pads about 12K miles ago. A few months ago, the parking brake warning light began operating erratically when the parking brake was off. Initially I could diddle with the pedal in the up position and it would go off. Lately, that quit...
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    K & N Air Filter Install Questions

    I have used them in all of my cars for which they are made, for the last 10+ years. If you do not follow the directions for cleaning and oiling them, you can put too much oil on the filter, the excess of which will be sucked out of the filter and onto the MAF sensor. While this is not...
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    What to look for...

    Many will tell you to avoid the 2002s as a more trouble-prone year; however, many of the more common problems with these (3rd gen Ex's) are across one or more years. I would not buy one without a documented history, particularly a detailed maintenance history. The best bet IMO would be to...
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    Spark plug recommendations.

    Use only original Motorcraft plugs in these, they do not seem to well with aftermarket plugs. Be sure to inspect the plugs when you pull them for clues as to why the plugs are thought to be the culprit. I'm assuming that you have no CELs? Most folks here will tell you that the 4.0 gets...
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    2005 explorer tire question

    If your tire stems are metal vice rubber, and they have collar nuts holding them in, then you have the ones that are integral to the stems.
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    What should I know about doing a 100,000 mile service?

    When pulling the plugs from an aluminum head, be certain that the engine is 'overnight cold' before you go to pull them. I let mine sit overnight with a teaspoon of penetrating fluid poured into each boss to work overnight (after using compressed air to blow out any trash first). Do not use...
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    New Here 02 4.6L Explorer

    Strongly recommend that you start a new thread instead of digging up an old unrelated thread that might result in less traffic seeing your question.
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    Diag Trouble Code 9325

    Did you have a CEL?
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    wrench light and check engine soon light

    Read the code(s) that tripped the CEL. Otherwise, you're guessing.
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    02 Ex Limited 4.6, Possible engine Issue?? Someone pls help?

    I don't mean to be harsh, but folks here would be better able to sort out your question (and respond with help), if you laid it out with complete thoughts, punctuation, and sentence structure. Just sayin' - it will help you in getting help if people can read it and understand it. :thumbsup:
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    2002 Explorer 4wd lower ball joint replacement - Removal of front shaft? 2nd sticky from the top
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    Looking for help

    Please provide the time frames and indications for the CEL, Code 0401, EGR replacement, DPFE replacement, and the 15 mile drive. As described, it's impossible to figure out.
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    2002 EB 130k miles, -DEAD at the shop-

    What he said. This mechanic is out of his league on your truck.
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    Suspension overhaul on 02 X

    I take it that it won't be driven much (check price of gas over there), and it won't need much service (since shops that can fix it are nil), that no parts will be needed (none available off the shelf over there) and that you don't plan on getting any money for it (no one over there would give...
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    Another failed transmission story... and question.

    I'm at 115K miles in my oringailly purchased in May 2002 Limited AWD '02. Other than the tranny slipping a little it's been a serviceable truck. When the tranny craps completely, I'll just bite the bullet and have a rebuilt put in and drive it until it has no residual value. SO, tell us...
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    Bad wheel bearing or other?

    FOr all that effort, I would probably have two new bearings in hand. They are not that expensive and the time and aggravation of replacing them more than once is . . .
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    Bad wheel bearing or other?

    This is dayum hard to isolate, I wound up replacing both front wheel bearings at the smae time. I figured that I had a 50% chance of picking the wrong one, and that both would probably faileventually anyway. Only one was bad, but the second one was done quickly after doing the first one...
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    Ten Years, 1000 Posts and Overdue Corrective Actions

    I'll never catch up with you, my friend. :salute:
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    Ten Years, 1000 Posts and Overdue Corrective Actions

    I noticed that I was close, and so, saved my 1000th post for the 10 year anniversary of signing up to this most excellent site. :) Through 2 Explorers, 200K miles, two front wheel bearings, and various other minor deficiencies, the fine folks have helped me to keep my Explorers running...
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    there has got to be someone with both banks running lean!!

    This is the next thing that came to my mind. I would still do the propane check for vacuum leaks as they can exist where you least expect them.
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    there has got to be someone with both banks running lean!!

    How did you check the vacuum hoses? Although I am skeptical that a vacuum leak big enough to trip a CEL would not result in running roughly/poorly, I would still want to eliminate this possibility first, and it's easy to check. I use an UNLIT propane hand torch run carefully over all the...