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    Performance Upgrades

    Well the exhaust system is different on the 3.7L than the 3.5L. Its more quiet on idle and in town driving. But under load the 3.7L does have a good growl and much more satisfying than the 3.5L. The Turbo one I think is its own animal which I've been told and has more HP than the 350 ratings...
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    Police Interceptor Utility Explorer Owners

    Owner of a 2014 PI. Bought it with a clean title only 7,500k miles. Was told it might have been a undercover or DA Supervisor edition. Has no spotlights and has XLT interior with a original center console. Never seen one like it. Super stocked about it since its very nimble and fast.
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    5.0 with P0171, Rough Idle, Hard Starts - Clogged fuel filter?

    I'm getting the same problem with mine. When I'm gunning it up a steep hill on the freeway my check engine light is flashing and im getting no power whatsoever. Also I can hear my Cats having post detonation from to much fuel getting trapped. At first I thought it was my MAF sensor but it...
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    What problems has your Ex had?

    I think Ford Explorers get a bad rep because of they are a family wagon truck and allot of people who own them don't maintain them. I've own 3 Explorer's A 92 4x4 w/ the optional off road mags, 1996 2WD V8 and my current wheels 2000 Limited AWD. I've noticed is they go through...
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    Issues with my 2000 Limited AWD V8

    Hello, I haven't posted anything on the forum for a long time. I've owned 3 Explorers a 92 XLT, 1996 V8 2wd XLT, and now I bought myself a 2000 Limited V8 AWD. So I have experience with basically all types of Explorer classes. Bought my Limited about 3 months ago. Pretty clean had only...
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    For Sale Parting out 97 Eddie Bauer 4x4

    I'm needing a overhead compass if you still have it.
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    Parting Out 2000 Explorer XLS

    Do you have the compass still?
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    Best (Non Melting) Plug wires for a 97 5.0

    Bumping this thread. I bought the JBA wires and they work(ed) great for a while. But the boots kinda big and cylinder 7 (drivers side fire wall) it touches both headers? I put three socks on that thing and the wire and it still burned the thing. Also the wire is slipping out? I was driving...
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    spark plug goes bad every1000 miles!

    My explorer does the same thing which its a 96 5.0. But I have 3 spark plugs doing this:(. Mine looked and smelt like fuel and also some oil was on them. Looks like I need to clean them again because how you know something isn't right is when the your car gets kinda chuggy on acceration and...
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    I bought a HP boot protector but be warned they only fit stock wires (motorcrafts). They don't fit my JBA wires and from the look of it maybe not Livewires.
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    Hey how have those wire boots been working? I'm really curious:p:
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    I'm having the same problem. Wire 7 you can rout it close to the valve cover with wraping but wire 8 is a toughy. I use JBA wires which are awesome but wire 8's gets way to close to the header piping. The wires are kinda fat. Even with three layers of heat socks they can still get burn't...
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    coolant smell through vents

    Yes it is recommended to just replace a heater core. However.....when you put the stop leak don't leave it in your car for more than 2 weeks because it will clog the radiater. So a flush is a must. It worked for me just be carefull.
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    coolant smell through vents

    What you got Rick is a crack in your heater core. Same thing happened to me. If you see coolant leaking from the heater core drain that is it. You can either replace it or do the cheap way and put in some solution in the radiator that will plug that crack. Just my 2 cents.
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    Torque Monster Headers Install Write-up and Review

    Thanks for the quick help guys. I will check the gaskets. However I did buy the thickest heavy duty ones I could find. They are Remflex Graphite and they seem pretty unleakable. I haven't checked the small elbow gasket thing yet. This was not done by me so we'll see.
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    Torque Monster Headers Install Write-up and Review

    Bought my TMH months ago here and just got them installed about two weeks ago. First week my explorer ran awesome:thumbsup:. Now it feels that my Explorer is kinda chuggy, expecially on the mids. Is this common? I installed MAC CAI,new wires, E3 plugs, Flow Pro muffler 2.5 pipes.
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    Worst day of my life, goodbye ex.

    Dude thats not kool man:mad:. For any car this is F***ed up. Probabaly some chevy militia guys. Yeah like many people here all the work I've done on my Explorer if this happened to me I would be out for blood.
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    Ford bumps GM as a sales leader.

    I have these old Ford Floormats that say "Ford, the best never rests!" Lol Chevy miltia people hate me now.
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    E3 Plugs

    When I tried an experiment with trying Motorcraft plats and then changing them out to try E3 plugs I stayed with the E3's. Don't get me wrong I love Motorcraft but the E3's really make a difference. With Motorcraft always use plugs with their stock wires. Try JBA Wires with your E3's. No...
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    Would the EE 98-01 Bushings and links work on a 96? Got a bar (98-01) and didn't know the bars are actually different from the 96-97. Looks like it might fit but the bar is bent different near the end links. Anyone ever tried this?
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    E3 Plugs

    I was considering the Pulsar plugs on my explorer. They are very expensive:( though. I've been told that for their price they are a disapointment. Not that their bad they work very well but they make the car run REALLY hot like E3's. They work good on turbos and imports. Our trucks...
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    E3 Plugs

    I really doubt that the E3 plugs would shoot out into the motor. As much as I hate to admit they are very good quality, better than Bosch to me. Just changed out all my E3 plugs over the weekend and put in Motorcraft Plats. Stockers seem to make the motor feel a little more happier but I...
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    best year 5.0L Explorer?

    I like the 96 and 97 models. Over time Explorers kept getting wider and more junk put on. I don't see that much performance difference between the P head anyways.
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    E3 Plugs

    Bump. I have owned two explorers a 92 and currently a 96 2WD v8. Motorcraft work very good. Autolights I have gotton some defective ones before. Well I did go and buy the E3 plugs and bought new JBA wires on my 96. What do I think about them? No gain on Gas Mileledge:thumbdwn...
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    96-00 Explorer Questions.

    I would recommend the 2WD with a V8. The truck gets about the same Gas Mileledge as a 4.0L 4WD but with V8 power.