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  1. J

    2015 Washer Fluid Line

    I'm not clear on what this is. Is it a spring metal collar around the gray plastic nipple? If so, I'd think about using a hose clamp instead if that is possible, or look for something suitable from one of the online hardware suppliers like:
  2. J

    Help a widow out (please?) -- rear shocks Ford Explorer 2000

    There is a rear wiper reservoir? I suspect she means, her house electrical socket... everything breaking at once! I had an outdoor outlet that was tripping when it rained. It was on a ground fault circuit and the outlet gasket had shrunken, was letting water in. Funny thing is, the reason...
  3. J

    Dead driver power seat - Need wiring diagram

    Welcome to the forum! This is all I have. The attached PDF is from 2005 Workshop Manual, has diagnostic procedures.
  4. J

    Lights everywhere

    ^ AFAIK, ABS not working would not keep it from going into 4WD.. but I could be wrong! I would plug it back in and see what happens, and diagnose from there. If it blows a fuse, probably a bad shift motor, considering it still has the wiring up to that point so if it were the wiring...
  5. J

    Don't buy a non Motorcraft alternator

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with Ford changing the charging circuit aka BMS and the 2nd tier manufacturers didn't keep up with that. Who makes the 5th gen Motorcraft alternators anyway? Might find the same alternator cheaper under the manufacturer's brand label.
  6. J

    Suing Ford for Lemon - Lemon Law

    If it is still under warranty, why is it not at a shop, possibly even one that gives you a loaner vehicle? If everything wrong was under warranty when you first took it to a Ford shop, that's where documentation is important to show that. The date (and mileage) when you first reported the...
  7. J

    Suing Ford for Lemon - Lemon Law

    What state did you buy it in and which lemon law attorneys have you contacted in that state? Your account of things simply does not make sense. Even if you somehow fall short of the lemon law, or their buyback requirement, there is still the powertrain warranty. You stated, So what exactly...
  8. J

    Suing Ford for Lemon - Lemon Law

    ^ Not your city/state, rather the state the vehicle was purchased in? I am fairly certain that there are lemon law lawyers willing to take a valid case. That is their purpose. They are not the same lawyers who do personal injury cases. Perhaps you are muddying the waters too much with all...
  9. J

    Suing Ford for Lemon - Lemon Law

    Why are you trying to skip over the obvious solution which is consult a lemon law lawyer in the state you purchased the vehicle in? Many will do a free consultation. I hope you have well documented everything that has transpired up to this point.
  10. J

    New engine or expensive repairs

    I'm just going by what you've told us which was "the only code I'm.getting is fuel running lean and the gas cap". It would be more helpful to instead know the specific trouble codes that a scan tool read. I'm not aware of one code specific to the gas cap, rather those I know would just point...
  11. J

    Motorcraft TPMS red color.

    What kind of odd things? If it syncs and shows no pressure, seems like it is working fine, right? Up to you, return for refund or use. I don't yet see any reason not to use it if it syncs. You might ask in some other Ford truck/car forum if they have seen the same color change issue (same...
  12. J

    Replacing solid brake lines

    Okay I went out and looked at my '98, and the bracket I was thinking about, is not the one in question. The bracket I was thinking about is very easy to get to on the back of the axle as this first pic shows. Hard to believe this (repair) doesn't have that many miles on it, fewer still on the...
  13. J

    Motorcraft TPMS red color.

    Can't you see if they sync to the vehicle before installing?
  14. J

    2007 XLT Fan Speed Controller not working. Not Resistor or Switch

    Yes, use multimeter to check the resistor, on the meter's ohms/resistance setting. Visually inspect connector contacts, check switch with multimeter on resistance setting for low resistance between each of the two contacts the switch should be connecting at each of the various speed settings...
  15. J

    Replacing solid brake lines

    ^ Yeah sometimes a saw helps, but be sure to get carbide toothed blades for hardened fasteners or you'll ruin a blade in about 5 seconds. More often I grab for an angle grinder, with a cutoff wheel if I have good access, or a grinding wheel if access is bad and I don't feel like having the...
  16. J

    Lights everywhere

    Welcome to the forum! Contact the previous owner to ask why it's unplugged? Surely you would have noticed that during a test drive before purchase? I would just plug it back in and see. If something bad happens like it shifts into 4WD low, pull it off and use hand tools to shift back into 4...
  17. J

    2007 XLT Fan Speed Controller not working. Not Resistor or Switch

    That is an odd one. Are you 100% certain that both the setting 1 and setting 4, stopped working simultaneously? IF we assume that both the new blower motor resistor and switch are good (which is worth checking with a multimeter), then the only thing I can think of is that you have two faults...
  18. J

    New engine or expensive repairs

    What? You may just need a gas cap that seals? Granted I wouldn't expect that to impact 60MPH as much as near idle. Check fuel pressure and if in the right range, look for vac leaks (after fixing the gas cap issue).
  19. J

    Motorcraft TPMS red color.

    Don't know, did you get them from a trustworthy source? I did notice that the Denso sensors I put on my '14, same part # comes in (or switched from) red to black. Is there a decipherable date code stamped on them? As long as they work, my main concern would be that they aren't several years...
  20. J

    1998 Ford explorer weird brake problem!

    I'm also thinking master cylinder.
  21. J

    2006 Ford Explorer Starts with starting fluid and runs fine won't start on it's own cold

    You turned the key to the run position (Not trying to start it yet) and at that point have no fuel pressure? If this is the case, your fuel pressure regulator is bad, or fuel pump itself is intermittent. Do you have a valve on the fuel rail to check pressure or are using a scan tool for the...
  22. J

    P0174 v8

    ^ I have that pinout as well. The wire colors match but the pin #s do not match my wiring diagram. Either I am cross-eyed or cannot explain that, why that wiring diagram is wrong. That pinout does match the different, Helms diagram I have: Either way, sure, it is a simple inductive coil...
  23. J

    Replacing solid brake lines

    I have always been bad at trying to interpret perspective/angles on pictures at close quarters, so I don't know what to make of yours. it seems like the wheel is still on? I probably removed mine when I did the front to rear, and rear across the axle to right side. I replaced that left rear...
  24. J

    Serpentine belt length 1998 xlt 4 door w/ AC

    Yes, unless it's missing, the SOHC has a moderate sized plastic cover over it that reads SOHC, is pictured below. You need the longer 88.(n)" belt.
  25. J

    Weird Starter Button Sound

    It is good to list which engine you have. If smoke is coming from the starter, I'd consider it toast. Autozone (and a few other auto parts stores) can test starters. There are illustrations and brief instructions for starter removal for the various engine options in the '14 workshop manual...