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  1. 94Eddie


    In some ways I wonder if the Big Three want the strike to occur. They have a lot of expensive inventory sitting on dealer lots that isn't moving. A strike will lower supply and might make selling expensive vehicles easier. Also, it seems that labor unions don't realize that as they push for...
  2. 94Eddie

    4.6l 3v engine swap tips for 2007 ford explorer sport trac

    I have missed a lot worse things than this replying to people. ;)
  3. 94Eddie

    4.6l 3v engine swap tips for 2007 ford explorer sport trac

    The Panther platform only used the 4.6L 2V engines.
  4. 94Eddie

    4.6l 3v engine swap tips for 2007 ford explorer sport trac

    The heads being changed for 2009-2010 models probably changed the intake too which could create a lot of issues putting this engine into earlier models. I think all the 3V V8s are aluminum blocks from 2006-2010. The pecking order for me would be to find a 3V V8 from a Sport Trac. Second would...
  5. 94Eddie

    4.6l 3v engine swap tips for 2007 ford explorer sport trac

    I would stick with using an engine from a similar vehicle just to hedge your bets against having small issues like mounting points for wiring harnesses, accessory mounts etc. There were changes made to the 4.6L 3V heads for the 2009-2010 Explorer, Mountaineer and Mustangs. Whether this would...
  6. 94Eddie

    2006 Ford Explorer Starts with starting fluid and runs fine won't start on it's own cold

    I had a similar problem. The engine would flood many times when trying to cold start it. When it was warm it started and ran fine. I checked fuel pressure, changed the fuel filter etc. and nothing worked. Then I decided to change the spark plugs at 120k miles found the plugs were OEM from...
  7. 94Eddie

    Overdrive Selector missing

    You might have to get a shifter from a salvage yard and steal parts from it or use it as a replacement. Once a vehicle turns ten years old parts availabilty starts becoming a problem. Then the salvage yard is your only option.
  8. 94Eddie

    Our cars are spying on us...

    When it comes to maintaining privacy, that ship sailed a long time ago. Plus, it is hard to take advantage of all the benefits we have today like GPS, email, using search engines etc. without being tracked because it is an integral part of the process. The apps used on phones are mostly free...
  9. 94Eddie

    Wanted I'm looking to buy a pair of (JBA 1678SJS) shorty headers for a 2004 Ford 4.6L V8 Explorer.

    You might want to check on whether Mustang headers will fit in an Explorer. If they do then you will have a much better chance of finding a used set on the Mustang sites. Maybe check the part numbers for exhaust manifolds for the Explorer and Mustang to see if they are the same. If they are...
  10. 94Eddie

    Our cars are spying on us...

    I am not surprised by any of this because it has been happening for a long time in other areas. Now that new vehicles are tied into the internet they can easily be tracked, and controlled, if they desire. Think about it. With self driving capability they could run your vehicle off a bridge...
  11. 94Eddie

    Here is my 2007 Sport Trac Nicely Detailed

    Welcome to EF!
  12. 94Eddie

    2009 Ford Explorer 4.6 latest PCM and TCM calibrations

    A fluid and filter change along with a reset of the memory has solved 6R60/80 transmission issues for a lot of people here. Me being one of them. Its good to hear it worked for you too.
  13. 94Eddie

    Cancel auto window close

    I never knew this was an option.
  14. 94Eddie

    04 aviator rear bearings

    Personally, I wouldn't go with a Dorman part unless I asolutely had to. They don't have a good reputation and many of their parts fail way to early.
  15. 94Eddie

    2009 Ford Explorer 4.6 latest PCM and TCM calibrations

    If they recommended this to be done then they are a good shop. Paying $22 for a part that takes five minutes to replace once the pan is dropped, is better than paying the fee for another transmission service just to replace the sleeve not long after a service.
  16. 94Eddie

    So much diag and parts replacement - still overheating

    I'll keep saying this.... your symptoms point to a bad, or partially clogged radiator. This is the only way having the AC being on would cause an overheating problem. When the AC is on, this creates a higher heat load on the cooling system. It is very likely that the added heat load coming from...
  17. 94Eddie

    2009 Ford Explorer 4.6 latest PCM and TCM calibrations

    To add to my post above, only use a Motorcraft part.
  18. 94Eddie

    2009 Ford Explorer 4.6 latest PCM and TCM calibrations

    Also, I recommend changing the bulkhead sleeve because this item is known to go bad as the miles rack up. This is easy to do while the pan is dropped and is an inexpensive part at $22. If it starts to leak then you will need to do another pan drop to replace it and Mercon LV transmission fluid...
  19. 94Eddie

    2009 Ford Explorer 4.6 latest PCM and TCM calibrations

    I recommend changing the fluid soon and doing this twice over a 5k mile period since you don't know if it has ever been changed. This way you will replace about 75%-80% of the old fluid. Following Ford's crazy long 150k mile service interval is not wise. The 6R60/80 transmissions don't...
  20. 94Eddie

    V-8 4.6L TSP Throttle Position Sensor

    I used the latest TPS the first time and the throttle body had the latest TPS installed. The original TPS was either the first or second generation. It could be a wiring issue or a corroded connection. The puzzling thing to me is why a new part would make the code go away for months at a...
  21. 94Eddie

    V-8 4.6L TSP Throttle Position Sensor

    All Motorcraft parts. At this point I don't know if the parts are failing or if there is a secondary component to making the code trip. Swapping the parts made some kind of difference but I don't see where two TPSs and/or a TB would fail in less than a year. IMO, there is something else at...
  22. 94Eddie

    V-8 4.6L TSP Throttle Position Sensor

    I hope this is a permanent fix for you. About a year ago code P2135 showed up and I replaced the TPS (Ford OEM) since this seemed the prudent thing to do. It lasted for 2-3 months but the code reappeared. My next fix was installing a new Ford OEM throttle body that came with a new TPS. This...
  23. 94Eddie

    2010 Ford explorer rear differential

    One thing you might need to consider is any differences between V8 and V6 models. At a minimum, compare the axle codes on the door panels of the donor and recipient vehicles to help ensure compatibility. I don't think there are any external differences from 2006-2010. Others here might chime...
  24. 94Eddie

    Intermittent P2135 code even after common replacements

    I fought this code a while back. I replaced the TPS with a Ford OEM part and it worked for a short period of time. Then I replaced the TB with a OEM part and a new TPS came with it. The code had been gone for around six months and then randomly reappeared. If I turned the engine off and...