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  1. J

    98 sport fender trim *need*

    does anybody have a back drivers side fender moulding theyre willing to sell or throw my way. my last ones brackets broke so i rigged it back on with bolts and im not liking the bushwacker look. found a passenger side one but have to build some new brackets cuz those are chazzled too. but no...
  2. J

    Cut fenders for (1-2" "lift")

    I have 32 x 10.5 on my sploder.... All i did was torsion twist and shackles. About a 1.5-2in lift only
  3. J

    Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Prerunner

    where did you get those front fenders from exactly?! i have a 98 expy and was looking to get some like that but couldnt find anyone to actually reply with some details.
  4. J

    Cut fenders for (1-2" "lift")

    please tell me where you got the sunshade.