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    Camburg's New Performance offroad kit

    Just wondering where you feel corners were cut? T-bars have got a bad rap and C/O's are very trendy right now. Just because something doesn't have C/O's doesn't mean it's lacking in performance or function, especially on a desert truck. There are some top race trucks running t-bars today very...
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    body lift for 04 ranger

    01-04 should all have the same body mounts. Nothing has really changed structurely(sp) on the Ranger in the past couple years so I don't know why there would be a problem. -Tim
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    body lift for 04 ranger

    Performance Acc. should make a b/l for your truck. Your body mounts are the same as the 03's so that would work also. -Tim
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    They look great. Glad that worked out for you. -Tim
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    anyone need a grill guard ?

    You might want to go post that on in the classifieds. There are lot's of guys who would jump on that. -Tim
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    I have a friend of mine that does lot's of fab work in OC. He's actually doing all the fab work on a 2wd Ranger I'm building and plan on racing. If your willing to hang out at his place, he can pound out sliders for you some Sat. or Sun. for pretty cheap. PM me for his info if you interested...
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    extra help about shocks: stiffer shocks needed ?

    I have spent alot of time in Baja and I have had a lot of luck with Bilsteins. I strongly recommed them. -Tim
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    FAKRWEE Navajo Roll Cage

    Rick- It wasn't Sean-DesertSpive if that's who you mean. It was the Sean-Sbro that runs DesertRides. -Tim
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    Realift Torsion Bar Relocators

    A guy on ORR got a response from them and was told they would like to do a Ranger(probably do an Ex. also if they could) but they need a test vehicle. -Tim
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    Here are directions in a PDF format for Black Diamond's lift kit. They will apply to you as well. -Tim
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    Any one seen the Camburg Ranger????

    Here's the Camburg Ranger after last weekend. Everyone walked away. No one was really hurt...Jerry(driver) had a sore wrist. They plan on rebuilding and being ready for the MDR race in June. -Tim
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    bench to bucket

    Do a center console. I have the same problem when I put race seats in. has some nice options and sizes. -Tim
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    2" leveling coils??

    Here's a couple of choices that are roughly what your looking for. Dead Link Removed -Tim
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    cant find a

    What's wrong with a spindle lift(assuming it's 2wd)? Spindles in the front with good shocks and a new spring pack in the rear would be ideal IMO. -Tim
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    Awesome Mods to 93'splash?

    Bigger tires and Biltein Shocks. -Tim
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    S&B tru-rev??

    Depending on what you plan on doing, slow stuff or fast stuff, there are a ton of options for your truck. People seem to like the Skyjacker class II kit for your truck. Plus a bunch of Fab/Race shops make some great setups for your rig. I know Camburg has a great setup for a TTB. It's...
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    Stock 16x8 rims..255 tires..

    Stock wheels are 16x7. They never came with 16x8's. -Tim
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    S&B tru-rev??

    As for the lift, what's year is your truck and is it 2 or 4wd? -Tim
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    Roll Pan

    You might want to look at for more info. They are really into stuff like that. -Tim
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    aftermarket Leaf springs?? help

    Deaver also sells springs and people can't seem to say enough good things about their customer service. You can get them directly from Deaver or get them through a race shop like Camburg which usually has better prices. -Tim
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    Death Valley, April 4 -7th...

    Just in case anyone is going on this trip and doesn't check the ORR board much, please read both of these threads. Trip Thread Potluck Sign Up (Thanks for the great idea Rick) -Tim
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    Camburg 98+ 4x4 Upgrade Installed

    No straps yet. My truck is hopefully going back to Camburg late next week. I'll post pics when they are on. -Tim
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    Camburg 98+ 4x4 Upgrade Installed

    From what I can tell, the Moog ball joint wouldn't really give you more travel. When my truck is drooped out with no limit straps, the upper arms are the limiting factor. The limit straps keep the arms from hitting the frame rail at full droop. So, new ball joints won't do much unless you...
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    front lift?

    If you are going full custom long travel w/coil overs next year, why do you want to waste money on a temporary lift? You will be $7-$10,000 in by the time you have the suspension and cage done. Just twist the t-bars an inch, you won't notice much change in ride but you still get an inch in...
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    reservoir shocks...

    I run Bilstein 7100's in the front of my truck and Bilstein OEM's in the rear. If you are into the faster stuff then they are worth the money, if you are mostly on the street or into crawling then they probably aren't worth the money to you. If you do decide on them, you will need a lower...