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  1. K

    New here and a quick question about the passenger air bag light

    My airbag off light stays on when no one is in the passenger seat then switches to on when occupided. Stays on all the time since i bought the X so i would say it is normal.
  2. K

    MPG on new Explorer body style

    I have 2013 xlt and when I pay attention I run 21.4 mpg on city streets with traffic. When I am not paying attention I average 19 to 20 in the same conditions. Drive on the highway I avg 25 to 26 with the cruise control on. My best has been 32 mpg hand calculated to verify it as spot on with...
  3. K

    Well I think I have decided on my Explorer!!

    Good choice on the limited. I have the XLT in deep impact blue and love it. As far as the 750 coupon, I requested 3 or 4 brouchurs because of the delay in buying my EX and each coupon had a different expiration date. Request another one from ford's website and see what happens. I am...
  4. K

    Why did you buy

    I bought mine because my last truck was 16 years old and on it's last legs. I also like the styling and mpg for an suv. Price vs features helped, when gmc is 1000 to 2000 bucks higher for the same baic features on compairable suv's. This is the first Ford I have owned but not the first...
  5. K

    My Ex is feeling a little cheap.

    You know, I love my new Ex. Great car, looks good but with the F1 races coming to austin in november, she has felt......well cheap to three super cars I have sat next to the last three days. Started last Saturday as I sat behind a Zonda as the driver tried to go over a tall speed hump:D...
  6. K

    What do you think?

    Looks good to me. Really in todays cookie cutter cars, what ever you can do to make yours different works. Case in point, in 96 i bought new ram. I went to get gas and another driver came in in the exact same set up. Only difference was i had added pin stripping to the truck. I then went...
  7. K

    Window Side Vents / Deflectors is the place that had them on sale for 69 bucks. I got them for my 2013xlt and the went on with no problems. They look and work well. Real Ford parts.
  8. K

    WTB New Explorer- Have concerns

    I have a 2013XLT I bought 4/23. My first Ford and I love it so far. No problems so far. MFT seems to work with no bugs. 1200 miles so far with now rattles after driving the pot hole streets of Austin Tx. I have a after market tow package installed by the dealer. If get the tow...
  9. K

    New 2011 on dealer lot fair price?

    True but what I am getting at is the 2011 on the lot is a 2 model years old. You should be able to get the price down even more since the car is 'old' and the dealer needs the space for the 2013 models. Only Caveat I would put on the 2011 is the teething problems with that model year. If you...
  10. K

    New 2011 on dealer lot fair price? Leif johnson ford austin. 4900 off list price. 301a package is what is listed on the sticker. 44635 is list on it. Also in our area we have a carshow radio program called 'the Carpro SHow' that...
  11. K

    New 2011 on dealer lot fair price?

    Welcome to the forum. For that price you can get a nice 2013 with nearly all the teething problems worked out. I would first make sure all the TSB's have been done before buying. I would really push for a lower price than what it is currently priced. Remember the 2013 Explorers are starting to...
  12. K

    One month with the Explorer or a mini review

    Well I bought my 2013 Explorer on April 23 and I thought I would give a mini review. The Ex has performed above expectations and has shown no major faults so far. I have liked the performance and the feel of the car as compaired to my old truck I traded in. The car drives bigger as in...
  13. K

    Ms Liberty Belle

    Well finally my bug deflector with the US flag theme came in, so my X is now Ms Liberty Belle instead of Blue Belle. And yes I finally found my camera. Now All I am waiting on is for my running boards to come in. The deflector is from Stampede Products. It uses existing holes for the...
  14. K

    Rearview Camera Active Guidelines

    Also the camera is addictive. I get in my 03 2500ram quad and put it reverse then look to the dash for the camera view.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  15. K

    Rearview Camera Active Guidelines

    Alright i have had my 2013 explorer for a month now and I am still trying to figure out all the do hikies on the car. The question is about the backup camera. My camera is working fine and I find I like it but the day I was shopping for my explorer, the salesman took me around to their...
  16. K

    2011 Explorer Limited vs 2013 XLT

    Well if you get the 2011 you need to make sure all the TSB have been taken care of first. The better value would be the 2013 model but then that is just me be a cheap sob. 30k plus for 40k mile car is a bit much. Now if it had only 20k on the miles then I would say look at it. Even though the...
  17. K

    My 2013 Boosted Blue Limited Explorer

    Looks like my XLT but I have the polished 20 inchers. Looks real nice and you will find it to be a head turner. Fyi if you need touch up paint and you will get dings, the paint code j4 is not offered under the 13 ex but is listed under the 2013 escape right now. I needed to touch up one...
  18. K

    Any advice on 2013 Explorer purchase?

    welcome aboard. I just purchased a 2013 XLT and love it. Suggestions? buy as much car as you can afford barring that I would stay away from the ecoboost 4 cylinder not because it is a bad engine, it is not, but because of the weight to power ratio vs the added cost of the motor. What you gain...
  19. K

    Any Explorers with DeeZee Black/Chrome trim boards...

    When I was trying to find a pic for you and searched, I found in one thread a black on black setup that looked good. Try the search function you may find more than I did.
  20. K

    Any Explorers with DeeZee Black/Chrome trim boards...

    Found the topic
  21. K

    Any Explorers with DeeZee Black/Chrome trim boards...

    Someone had posted here a pic of their white X with a shark fin antena and dee zees on it. Looked good. You might try searching for shark fin antena. Me, I have a set on order. Shop said it would be about three weeks. They appear to be real good and the mounts attach using existing holes.
  22. K

    Touch Up Paint and Paint Codes

    Yes, i found the paint at They list it ,paint code j4, for the 2013 ford escape. I ordered a touch up pin but they sell it in any size kit form for your needs. They mix paint for each order and the pin i received is a perfect match for my color. The step to ordering...
  23. K

    Amazing Gas Mileage on 2013

    Don't forget, some states have a minumum speed limit. If you drive slower then the minimum you can get a ticket. The signs use to be posted here in Austin up to 1986 then were removed. Mopac here had a minimum of 45 which was the first I had ever seen. Granddad got a ticket for going 40 on...
  24. K

    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    When my mother bought her 93 dakota new it had the same problem. Dealer gave the same story but the smell did not go away. I found the drain hose had a 90 degree rubber hose attached to redirect the run off was not right. The hose end had not been cut off to open the drain. I cut off an eighth...
  25. K

    Popping sound when accelerating gently.

    I wonder if it could be what the mini cooper owners are complaining about. The minis complain about a thunk when pulling away at a stop light and such. It was dianosed as the chamber that burns the gas tank vapor thunking closed. Or atleast the part that catches the gas vapor from the gas...