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    Modified Mountaineer running rough / misfiring

    Thanks Don. I'll keep rechecking and test the fuel pressure next. The assumed dead cylinder injector is directly below the fuel pressure regulator on the stock fuel rail. It's nearly impossible to get to the test port on the fuel rail with the way the lower intake mount is on the explorer...
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    Modified Mountaineer running rough / misfiring

    Well I need some input/ideas from some other people as I'm starting to run out of them... My father in law is a trans tech at Ford and with his computer and help I should be able to do anything... I just need ideas of places to start... Background -- 2001 Mountaineer 5.0. Explorer Express...
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    No blinkers - front parking lights get brighter when braking

    Well it ended up being the switch along with some "mis-placed" wiring. I determined the correct electrical flow of the switch and found that two wires had been swapped. I put a new switch in and no longer had the problem of everything lighting up... but still had no blinkers. Corrected...
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    EE 5.0L super charger kit pictures

    Here are a couple pics of the EE kit with the blower off...
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    Removing Engine/Electrical components - Modify Engine Harness?

    Well I have a couple electrical/wiring questions... the only thing on the Mountaineer I haven't touched yet. Here's the back story... I have been building up my 2000 Mountaineer for years now, EE Supercharged rebuilt 306 at about 10lbs, methanol injection, etc. I have been having...
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    No blinkers - front parking lights get brighter when braking

    Well I just bought a 1992 Ranger and only issue I've found so far might land me with a ticket very soon so I want to get it solved asap. Previous owner did a front end conversion with a newer style ranger and swapped out the headlights/marker lights. He utilized all of the stock wiring in the...
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    5.0 Camshaft Specs

    Looking at ordering a cam for the mountaineer. Wondering what you guys are running, and how much lift I can get away with and still have enough piston-valve clearance. I spoke with someone at Comp Cams about a custom ground cam and they were concerned that something running .530-.540 lift...
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    Official ET/MPH List

    First time at the track... Reaction - .135 60ft - 1.948 1/8 - 8.918 @ 77.78 mph 1/4 - 13.891 @ 96.66 mph A) 2000 Mercury Mountaineer C) 826ft/43.2*/38% E,F,G) Stock J) Torquemonster Headers, No Cats, Single Flowmaster K) SCT Custom Tuned by Alternative Performance T) Explorer...
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    tires or gears first

    I am the guy from another board runnin 4.56s with ~30" tires. First thing i want to say is: that chart seems to be way off IMO. At 75 mph I am barely over 3,000, maybe 3,050 at the highest. Because this seems high, I like to cruise right around 68-70 mph where my rpms are around...
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    turbo or supercharger?

    I would go with the supercharger. Ive driven turbo cars before and the feeling between a turbo and a supercharger is completly different. The feeling u get when u stomp the gas, the blower immediatly starts whining and tires start screamin sends chills up my spine every time i get all four roastin.
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    Intake howls when it's hot outside.

    Ive got a 2000 Merc Mountaineer and you can really hear my intake suckin the air in, it howls quite a bit. My truck is supercharged now so the intake screams but even before the s/c, it howled with just a MAC perfomance intake. Now when i refer to the word howl, i refer to the sound the air...
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    Gears for 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

    I belive the stock is 3.73 I wanna go with something for performance, and at the same time, i do alot of trailering with this truck so it still needs to be able to handle all of that. Sorry no dyno numbers yet. Any suggestions with brands of gears?
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    Gears for 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

    Hello everyone. I am somewhat new to this board and have a quick question about gears. I have a Supercharged 5.0L V8 in an AWD Mercury Mountaineer. I have 22" wheels and would now like to get some performance gears in the front and rear ends to transfer all that power to the ground in the...
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    Performance Chips Vs. Tuners

    I have a supercharged (via explorer express) 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with a 5.0L V8 with cat back gibson exhaust and MAC Intake. I would like to know what is a better computer performance upgrade; a custom tuned chip from or a handheld programmer from superchips? Thanks alot!