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    P144C Fault Code

    My CEl was on for a bit with P144C, never seen a code ending in a letter and multiple OBD2 scanners said no dtc definition but appears to be the same EVAP / purge valve issue. Had the dealer fix under the extended warranty last week.
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    Interceptor Wheels

    Interceptor Wheels and Tires. Fit all Police and Civilian Explorers and Taurus from 2013-2019. Tires are Goodyear Assurance 235/65/18 and were just mounted, come with the TPMS sensors. These were never used on a police vehicle, I believe one wheel has minor curb rash but no bends. I do have...
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    Has anyone had luck getting prior Municipality service records?

    I’m just glad that accidents, total loses and salvage gets reported on the Carfax but I’m still surprised an accident would show on Carfax since the accident doesn’t go through insurance company and usually just fixed by the local municipality.
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    Engine Idle Hours

    You guys are scaring me with all these low numbers. I finally brought my 13 Interceptor to the dealer to fix the steering wheel controls and for the first time can access the engine idle hours, almost wish I didn’t. I’m at 14,149 for idle hours and engine hours are 20,344.
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    2020 ST Oil Spec?

    Yea amazing how cheap in Walmart, you can literally get the 5 quart jug of the motorcraft synthetic blend for about 20 and even with the filter only costs you 25 for the oil change.
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    Check Engine Light

    Yea the FordPass will only indicate a general message for check engine light but you need to get the actual code pulled to know what the problem is. Go to advance auto or autozone and they check it for free if you don’t own your own scanner.
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    Check Engine Light

    No resolution or fix yet ?
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    2020 ST Oil Spec?

    My 2.3 EcoBoost oil cap also states 5w-30. Quick question, not getting into anything about how often to change or what brand of oil , I just want to know is the Ford factory fill oil the Motorcraft synthetic blend or did they make it the Motorcraft full synthetic from the factory?
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    Auto Hold System Fault

    It has happened more then once , but can’t reproduce it on demand, it will come on as soon as the vehicle is started and stay on the entire drive cycle and if the auto hold button is pushed the vehicle just does that warning chime/ beep and and then auto hold feature will be disabled
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    Auto Hold System Fault

    Searched the forum , couldn’t find a similar thread , but I know what the Auto Hold feature is and how to use it but does anybody get an error message when they first start their truck, I wish it would store a code this way it’s not back and forth at the dealer
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    Disable LED Signature Lights

    Not sure what wire was tapped but I can switch my signature lights on and off like a regular light switch no delay. It also switches my running lights so when I’m driving during the day no signature or running lights
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    E85 experience?

    I’ll check my window sticker. I have several E-85 stations local to me and always wanted to try it
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    I don’t know. Isn’t it one driveshaft front to rear
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    E85 experience?

    Which motor on the Explorer can run the E-85? Don’t the flex fuel vehicles have yellow gas caps or yellow opening for the cap less vehicles
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    Rear AC leaking clear liquid

    Can be condensation , sometimes the AC compressor will kick on when using the defroster
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    Hitch Cover Fill in Trim

    I took mine off the day I bought the truck and never put it back, but now on the 2020 Explorer doesn’t even come with the hitch cover anymore from the factory, not sure if it an available option
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    6 weeks in many issues 2020 limited

    What state is this dealer in and did you take a new vehicle or wait for yours to be fixed
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    Update: After 2 weeks received the vehicle back. Invoice says, Concern Verified. Inspected and found driveshaft has slight bend, no impact damage visible, removed and replaced driveshaft , test drove vehicle after service and verified concern is no longer present. Installed W717822 S439: Bolt...
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    So my 2020 XLT 2.3 not even a month old been having a vibration that can be felt in the seat through steering wheel at various speeds while accelerating. Finally got a service appointment , tech said it was a wheel balance, they re-balanced all 4 tires to no avail , solved nothing , said they...
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    Complimentary FordPass Remote Features from FoMoCo

    Does anybody know the price Ford is charging to add Ford Pass to older models, I have it on both my 18 EcoSport and 20 Explorer but want it also on my 17 Explorer.
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    Switches and BCM

    Listen to this mess, 17 Sport, left blinker would not auto cancel( shut off) after making a left turn , you would hear it click and then stay blinking, brought it back to the dealer, simple fix and change the multifunction switch. Less then a month later wipers would not shut off, back to the...
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    Disable LED Signature Lights

    Finally went and had the signature lights on my 17 Sport switched. I believe it was just a matter of the power wire and a relay. Best 250 dollars spent, I park the truck, flip the switch signature lights shut off, and if I leave the switch off while driving no running lights either which is...
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    Daytime Running Lights - 2017 Explorer Limited

    Didn’t think it would be such an issue to disable them and surprised there is no forscan code for that either and it comes down to physical wiring and or switch. I’ve idled the truck for many reasons such a meal break from work, left the wife and kid in the car to run into a store or even to...
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    Daytime Running Lights - 2017 Explorer Limited

    To clarify after reading this thread. The signature lights are the lights that come on when the truck is started and idle and the daytime running lights come on with the signtuare lights once the truck is engaged in gear and you start driving. I saw some forscan codes to disable the running...
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    OEM Or Aftermarket Brakes? Recommendations.

    I assume the Interceptor pads and rotors are severe duty