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  1. studd469

    head lamp problems

    not sure if this is the same thing... There is module for the day time running lights on my 97. There was a bad connecting, which caused made my hight beams not work. It is a small black box located under the car, just about the driver side fog light. I went to the scap yard and cut a...
  2. studd469

    ARC Electric lift

    that feature was pointless. If you buy the aftermarket shock from monroe you lose that feature. The shock comes without the wires coming out of the top, but still have the air bags.
  3. studd469

    ARC Electric lift

    if you look on the driver side front wheel well and on the passenger rear axel you will see the height sensors that tell the computer how level the truck is. You can trick it by hitting the bottom bracket UP wards with a hammer the computer will think your truck is riding lower thus putting...
  4. studd469

    ARC Electric lift

    yes its possible.
  5. studd469

    Clunking when turning?

    yup what BrooklynBay said. It could be any one of those, or maybe swaybar link ends?
  6. studd469

    Hyundai Accent Milage

    tire pressure is good. and I don't have any check engine lights. Im guna scan computer for codes as soon as I can get my hand on a reader.
  7. studd469

    Hyundai Accent Milage

    Yes thats right last year I bought a 2008 Hyundai Accent Sport for the wife. Is there anyone on this forum that has one as well? First off I gotta say, all though this isn't a Hyundai forum Im probably going to get better answers then I did in the Officail Hyundai Forum. I've had the car for...
  8. studd469

    Air Ride to Gas Shocks

    Yes it had 3 wires coming out of the top of the shock both front and rear, they were cut off when I replaced the shocks No my 4x4 switch on the dash says "auto, 4x4 and LOW" and yes I have the computer in the center console no my console does not give the "CHECK AIR RIDE" warning and yes...
  9. studd469

    Air Ride to Gas Shocks

    yes you can use them. The OEM shocks with the wires coming out of them are no longer available. I have installed the Monroe 40005 40007 40006 and they work fine.
  10. studd469

    How to wire up shocking device on cd player

    if and when you buy a new deck do what I do and secure it into the car. The easiest way is to bolt some aircraft cable to the back of the deck run the other end of the cable through your dash, install the radio, pull the cable tight and bolt it to something solid. Theifs can't pull the deck...
  11. studd469

    Alpine IVA-W205

    I think the Alpine IVA-W205 is this years model. I bought the older model without the built in blackbird dock a few years ago. It fits in a 97 explorer. I had to do some trimming (nothing serious) but it fits.
  12. studd469

    Where to splice in Tranny Cooler?

    Ken, I ran mine in series with the OEM cooler. I mounted the aux cooler beside the OEM cooler, Fluid flows through the Aux cooler out to the OEM cooler. It maybe wrong, but I haven't had any problems with it.
  13. studd469

    VME HIDs Troubleshooting ** SOLVED w/DRL Too **

    I have no clue, but I wana see pics
  14. studd469

    Only right hi-beam

    do you have a limited or a message center in your center console?
  15. studd469

    adding radio to the accessory delay

    so that your radio will continue to run after you have shut the car off... My alpine iva-205 slides the screen back in and shuts off, then it turns back on slides the screen back down and has to reload my MP3 or DVD every time I turn the key. just a PITA
  16. studd469

    adding radio to the accessory delay

    Iv been wondering this too! I was going just going to find the delay circuit and run a new 12v line to the radio. Its on my list of things to do. I may be motivated if someone tells me where the delay circuit is.
  17. studd469

    Oh My...EPIC Failure!!! LOL

    :bsnicker: LOL that reminds me of the time this guy at work asked one of the pilot how he sees behind him when he back a boeing 727, since theres no mirrors on the plane. LOL
  18. studd469

    Shannon Needs Help

    by no crank you mean won't turn over at all? or do you mean it turns over but does not start? If the battery is good and it won't turn over at all try putting it in nutral and see if it starts. Good luck
  19. studd469

    ave yer seen this............

    it must only work for american vehicles. oh well
  20. studd469

    fuel line damage recall

    Yes the regulator is attached to the fuel line. There is nothing you can do about that. There is no way to remove and reuse the pressure regulator. Ya I would have to agree. When I change my fuel lines I did it without removing the top end. I had to remove the intake, and alternator, I...
  21. studd469

    2001 limited conversion to Sport Trac - done...

    ohhhh nevermind he changed the front end lol... I thought he chopped the back of or something like that.
  22. studd469

    2001 limited conversion to Sport Trac - done...

    foregive my ignorance but what did he convert? It says limited to sprotrac converson? Am I missing something here?
  23. studd469

    fuel line damage recall

    the tools needed are a screwdriver some sort of cutters to cut the fuel line. The skill is basic, and as for the time... an hour, go to the store pick up the splicers, and hose clamps and in stall. Good luck with what ever route you choose.