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    Color matched Ford emblems...

    I just painted mine when i got tired of the blue...since the truck is black I wanted all black ovals...
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    01 sport with fuel issue

    ....and if you let your foot off the gas it would cut off right?....but if you keep pressure applied on the gas it would run? I have had this same problem. It goes away for months at a time and comes back randomly for a day or 2. If i leave it parked for about 10 min or more and go start it...
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    Some pics of my truck...

    they are not HID, everyone thinks they are because they are as bright as the CLK's lights and my friends 04 Navigator.
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    Some pics of my truck...

    Thanks for the, truck for the CLK huh, yeah right! I wish my truck drove like the clk....that thing just floats on air.
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    Some pics of my truck...

    Yes, they are spinning wire wheels. I know alot of people dont like wire wheels but every where I go you would think i was some kind of celebrity haha ;-)
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    Some pics of my truck...

    I havent been around too much but i am back...and I have a few pics of the truck...some will like it some of you wont but it is.. Truck Pics...
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    New 4ch amp on stock HU

    How do you add and amp and some subs using the stock 6disc HU? Thanks
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    Stock 6disc Head unit & Aftermarket amp and subs

    I know this may be a dumb question but can i use my stock 6 disc HU and hook it up to an amp and some subs? Also, does the stock 6disc have rca connectors on the back of it? I know i will need those to hook up an amp correct? If not do i need to buy some type of adapter or something? Thanks in...
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    Front 01 Sport lowering

    Thanks for the info. I took out the 2 inch blocks in the rear and put in 3inch blocks. The top part of the tires are now covered just a little tiny bit. When i put my 20's back on it will look really good. Everything is nice and flush no gap anywhere at all now. Thanks!
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    Front 01 Sport lowering

    I have done the torsion twist(well actually just removed them and added 2 inch block sto the rear....nice look....i am adding 3 inch blocks tomorrow and was wondering is there any way to lower the front any more? What will i need to do this? Thanks in advance!
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    The truck is in my garage at my house in NJ....I am in MD right now though...My dad is working on the truck since I came back to MD yesterday...he suspected the timing belt also but he sais that is not it...thanks for ur input so far.
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    In addition to my 01 Sport I have a 1994 Chevy Blazer I use to just drive during snow etc...well I went and filled my Gas tank up....i drove about 1 mile and the truck just shut lights came on or anything. I have checked everything, fuel pump, new distributor cap and rotor, coil, spark...
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    Show off your Wheels

    (dead links)
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    20" Tires and Rims/wheels for sale

    Whats up Jay ? I see u finally decided to sell huh? Send me an email.
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    Finally Pics of my X!

    I took out the torsion bolts and used 2inch blocks in the rear but it is lower than 2 inches in the rear...its even all the way around, just able to fit my fingers in there....i get no rubbing at all unless i turn the wheel fully which i never do anyway. i still have factory shocks, it doesnt...
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    Finally Pics of my X!

    In response to Silenze....its lowered 2 inches in the back but somehow its lower than that....i can just fit my fingers between the fender and the tire...its looks really good in person...and as for the wheels...i would not like them either judging by the pics but i pretty much think if you see...
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    Finally Pics of my X!

    I was at work today and snapped some pics of my truck in the parking garage. They are not the best and I will definitely be taking some more soon. I am sure everyone will have opinions...likes and dislikes...but hey...who doesnt! Thanks for checking out my truck...
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    HELP!! Explorer only stays on if my foot is on the GAS!!

    Thanks! I am going to replace mine this weekend!.
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    HELP!! Explorer only stays on if my foot is on the GAS!!

    Thanks! i'll do that now.
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    HELP!! Explorer only stays on if my foot is on the GAS!!

    I started my truck this morning like i regularly do every day. I started it and it came on and cut off. I started it again and it cut right off. I started it back up and kept my foot on the gas and it stayed on. I put it in drive and started driving. Came to a stop sign and it cut off. It...
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    100W too much for fogs?

    I put some APC Super White headlights and Fog lights in last night. The headlights are 9007 and are 100W and the Fogs are 9005 100W. They are 100% better than stock to me. They are very bright and put out alot more light. They have a hint of blue to them but it looks really good since my clear...
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    will 9006 bulbs work in fog lights?

    Thanks for the info. Do the 9005's put out pretty good light? Thanks.
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    will 9006 bulbs work in fog lights?

    So which is the best bulb to go with? I have the APC 9007 Super whites in my headlights and i want to get the same fog lights to match. Boy do they beat stock by 75%!!. So should I go with 9005 or 9006? Thanks alot.
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    Air Dam Prototype for 01-03 Sports & Sport Tracs

    I will take one of those also. Man That would look really good on my truck. I cant wait to get the pics up! Its gonna be 80 here today and tomorrow so I will get some pics.
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    275/45/20 VS other 20 inch tires

    I finally got my wheels!!!! I went wit the GT 2's. 275/45/20. They look NICE!! I will have pics this weekend. Its limo tinted out, lowered 3 inches all around, so the tires fit nice and snug right under he fender. Pics are comin!